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Gdańsk- where to stay in the centre?

Lena_02 1 | 3
26 Aug 2011 #1
We (me- I am Polish and my English friends) are planning to visit Gdańsk very soon. Can anyone give us advice on which hotel we should stay at in the city centre. We want to be close to the main streets, you know the ones which are not dead at night. It would be perfect if we wouldn't have to use transport to get there. And one one thing... which pub in Gdańsk would you recommend?

pip 10 | 1,659
26 Aug 2011 #2
what is your budget? Seriously, if you walk around in the old town there are loads of restaurants and pubs to choose from. There is also a wicked place called Browaria Gdansk which is a short walk from the old town. It has its own micro brewery, restaurant and hotel. The beer and food are good- I think the hotel is pretty pricey but it looks nice.
OP Lena_02 1 | 3
26 Aug 2011 #3
I think the hotel is pretty pricey but it looks nice.

Pricey indeed but it does look nice. 400 PLN per person is too much. I am ready to spend 200, 300 maximum. It has to be decent it terms of the way it looks and its price as well but the most important is location - within walking distance to pubs and restaurants. It is convenient especially at night as we don't know the town. Can you suggest anything else? It seems you know the place
pip 10 | 1,659
26 Aug 2011 #4
I have actually never stayed in a hotel in Gdansk- my husbands family comes from Sopot- so we always stay there. Sorry I can't be of more help. There are loads of great restaurants and hotels- really you can't go wrong, but as for hotels I really don't know. sorry.
scottie1113 7 | 898
26 Aug 2011 #5
Wolne Miasto has been recommended by several of of my friends who travel extensively. I've only been in the lobby, but it looked great. The best pub in the Old Town is Absinthe, and it's right around the corner from Wolne Miasto. You can't do better in the city center for location or price.
OP Lena_02 1 | 3
28 Aug 2011 #6
Wolne Miasto

Scottie, thanks for this suggestion!

And you thanks to you Pip for your being ready to help me:)
PWEI 3 | 612
28 Aug 2011 #7
Book far enough ahead and you can get a room at the Radisson Blu, and that is a good hotel.
scottie1113 7 | 898
28 Aug 2011 #8
True, and much more expensive than Wolne Miasto.
OP Lena_02 1 | 3
29 Aug 2011 #9
Thanks for your contribution for this thread, PWEI.
16 Oct 2016 #10
Merged: Travelling to Gdansk in november. Where to stay?

Hey as the title states im travelling to Gdansk from 3-6 november with 2 freinds. We mainly go there to go out. What area would you recommend we stay in? Should it be Gdansk or Sopot when its in november? And is tehre a specific area in this locations that is central to where the bars and pubs are?

Thanks in advance Magnus
16 Oct 2016 #11
What area would you recommend we stay in?

Just stay in the old town, there are enough decent bars there.
jon357 72 | 21,122
16 Oct 2016 #12
Agreed. Try the Grand Guesthouse on ul. Długa. They're available through booking and are OK.

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