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Fastest way to get from Warsaw Airport to Lodz central on Monday at noon.

CaroDef - | 3
25 Oct 2012 #31
Thank you!
I see that there is a train from £ódź Widzew to Warszawa Centralna at 04:50 who arrives at 06:34. (Can you please confirm me that it's the good stations?)

If we take this one, we can take the ModlinBus to the airport at 07:20

EDIT: Warszawa Centralna isn't it nearer of the center of £ódź than Warszawa Zachodnia?

Please ignore my edit, I mixed up!! ^-^
kpc21 1 | 763
25 Oct 2012 #32
If you go from Warsaw to £ódź, first station is Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West), second Warszawa Centralna (Warsaw Central), the last one is Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East). Warszawa Centralna is in the centre of Warsaw.

If you take ModlinBus at 7:20, you are at the airport at 8:25. As far I know, if you want to be sure that you won't miss the flight, you should be on the airport 2 hours before a departue.

A train from £ódź goes from £ódź Kaliska through £ódź Chojny and £ódź Widzew. You can see it if you open details in the Sitkol timetable.

Remember that 1st November is a holiday in Poland ("Wszystkich Świętych" - people visit graves of their relatives on the cementaries). In addidion if at 2nd November they take a day free at work, it makes a "long weekend". Trains and other means of transport might be busy that time.
jon357 63 | 14,680
26 Oct 2012 #33
Kpc1, are you trying to deliberately mislead the poster? He or she needs to get to Dworzec Centralny/Central Station and then on any train to £ódź. Simple as.

And the stations you mentioned are all in the wrong order.
kpc21 1 | 763
27 Oct 2012 #34
And the stations you mentioned are all in the wrong order.

My mistake - I thought about going from £ódź to Warsaw.

With ModlinBus, Warszawa Centralna is rather the only option, but with a train to Modlin, Warszawa Zachodnia is better. Some of trains from Modlin doesn't stop at Warszawa Centralna. Every train from/to £ódź stops at Warszawa Zachodnia.

He or she needs to get to Dworzec Centralny/Central Station and then on any train to £ódź. Simple as.

From Modlin to £ódź it's simple, but from £ódź to Modlin it's just not so simple. Or it's simple too, but provided there is no problem with being at the airport 1,5 hour before the flight departure. But in this situation nobody can guarantee that he or she won't miss the flight.

I'm not trying to mislead anyone, I only want to help.
jon357 63 | 14,680
27 Oct 2012 #35
I see what you mean and agree 100%.

From Modlin the train is hopeless unless you arrive at exactly the right time. To Lodz from Warsaw and then to the airport by taxi is easy.

From Lodz to Modlin, the train from Centralny is probably a good bet.

The best option is to pay 50 quid more for the flight and go on LOT, Heathrow to Okecie!
29 Oct 2012 #36
Hi If you are looking for the best way of transport from Modlin to Warsaw visit this site: You can find here simple comparison of avaible transfers. I founded it as a social initiative so I invite you to mailing me with advices and questions.
raquel14 - | 1
8 Dec 2012 #37
Merged: Warsaw Modlin airport transports

Hello there,

I bought a fly for me and my partner to go from London Stansted to Warsaw Modlin but I am finding quite tricky to understand how will work with the transports!

Is anybody here that could give us a hand on it please ?

We will arrive on 30th of January 2013 around 10.30 am and we are thinking to go to Warsaw Centralna and from then to Lodz or most probably to Krakow Glown! My apolagises if I spelt any name wrong!

We will be returning from krakow to modlin on 04th of February as we have our fly in the evening to london!

Thanks a lot!
kpc21 1 | 763
11 Dec 2012 #38
From Modlin to Warsaw - generally there are 2 options - ModlinBus (a bus to Warsaw) or Koleje Mazowieckie (a bus to the station in Modlin and train from station in Modlin to Warsaw - with one ticket).

Koleje Mazowieckie:
buses Modlin Airport - Modlin Station:

all trains in Poland:

From Warsaw to £ódź and Kraków, there are many trains.
DandA - | 1
3 Oct 2014 #39
Merged: Modlin to lodź transport

Hi, I'm looking for some information my flight arrives in Modlin aiport at 20:10 on a Tuesday im trying to get to Lodź as soon as possible. I have checked the bus times it would arrive at Lodź about 1:15am, is there any other way to get to Lodź? I have tried to search for train times but couldn't find a timetable.
3 Oct 2014 #40
Here you go:
kpc21 1 | 763
4 Oct 2014 #41
Maybe more convenient interface has:

Tip: You have to type the name of the city of £ódź correctly, with diacritics. You may copy it from here and paste there.

The best connection by trains would be:

On the "Koleje Mazowieckie" bus you buy one ticket for the bus and the train to Warsaw for 15 PLN. Both trains stop on the three main stations in Warsaw, but in Warszawa Centralna (the very main station in Warsaw) the train to £ódź (which goes in fact to Jelenia Góra through £ódź) stays for 40 minutes, so you can buy a ticket to £ódź there in ticket office without any hurry and you can quickly board the train without waiting on the platform for a long time.

The most convenient means of transport would be this bus: (100% direct from the airport to £ódź) - but the webpage says that the tickets for Tuesday 22:15 are sold out (the message "Brak miejsc" displayed in Polish).
Amanda . W
19 Jul 2015 #42
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