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What is the cheapest way to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw?

8 Sep 2015 #91
Flying in next week to Modlin, looking at the shared abeverest... is that with just people from my flight or will we be waiting around for it to fill up?

anybody any experiences of it?
We arrive in next thursday 9:55pm so don't want to be messing around with public transport and not sure if risking booking a timeslot for bus is a good idea incase of delays/getting through passport control.
jon357 71 | 20,799
8 Sep 2015 #92
AB Everst is good, I've never had to wait for it to be filled - there aren't that many flights to Modlin anyway. There's also Uber.

By the way, even if you book the shared service, there's a chance that you'll get the vehicle to yourself or maybe just one or two other people.
Chicagodub - | 2
31 Dec 2015 #93
Merged: Cheapest way to get from airport modlin to warsaw

Hello all, this is my first time on here.4 of us are flying into Modlin airport on 22nd January at 1:30pm and will arrive on a Ryanair flight. what is the cheapest way by taxie to get to Warsaw, we staying in Platinum Residence hotel.

kpc21 1 | 763
31 Dec 2015 #94
I thought everything has been said about that here already...

Basically, by taxi it might be expensive, but if you choose one, it's better to order one on a phone; there is a kind of taxi mafia in Warsaw, they are cheating and, for example, driving the longer way to charge more money, or not using the counter.

The airport recommends two taxi companies, they definitely should be reliable:
Sawa Taxi - tel. +48 22 644 44 44
Taxi Modlin - tel. +48 600 105 105

According to the price list shown there, the price should be equal to 159 PLN (= less than 40 EUR) in that connection at that time.

There are also much cheaper options.

The ModlinBus coach to the Warsaw centre (the Palace of Culture and Science):

It's cheap especially if you book a ticket in advance.

If your plane lands at 13:30, then you have buses at: 14:00, 14:05 and 15:00 to the Warsaw centre.

From the Warsaw centre to the Platinum Residence hotel, the most direct connection it seems to be by one of the trams: 22 or 24 from the stop in the Aleje Jerozolimskie avenue, 6 stops to the stop in the Towarowa street, at the intersection with Grzybowska. You leave the tram there, turn right, go along Grzybowska street around 200 m, there is an intersection with the Wronia street, Hilton hotel behind it, and Platinum Residence is just behind Hilton.

The tram connection:'49%22%2C+21%C2%B00'44%22&fc=52.23035:21.01247&tn=52%C2%B013'59%22%2C+20%C2%B058'58%22&tc=52.23324:20.98299&d=04.01.16&h=14:19&ia=false&t=0&n=0&ri=0&cid=3000&as=true&aro=1

From there you can see the Street View in Google Maps to the address Grzybowska 61, which is your hotel. The tram stop: - you turn right and reach your hotel quickly:

For the tram you can buy the cheapest ticket - for 3,40 PLN, valid for 20 minutes. There should be a ticket machine somewhere over the stop, it should be possible to buy a ticket also in a small shop with newspapers and similar stuff.

There is also a train connection, but for that you need to take a shuttle bus from the airport to the station first.

The shuttle bus timetable:

A common timetable of the shuttle bus and the train:

Lotnisko - the Modlin airport
Modlin PKP - the bus stop at the Modlin train station
Modlin - the Modlin train station
You should find a connection that takes you to the Warszawa Centralna station. From there, you take a tram as in case of the ModlinBus coach. For this train you need to purchase a ticket according to the offer "Bilet Lotniskowy" ("Airport Ticket"). It should be possible in a ticket machine at the airport and it should cost 17 PLN. With this ticket you can also travel by the Warsaw city public transport for 60 minutes, so you don't need any extra ticket for the tram. You only need to write the tram departure time on your ticket.
Chicagodub - | 2
31 Dec 2015 #95
Thank you. I will look into getting a taxie.
Kate777 - | 1
12 Mar 2016 #96
We used Beebeep taxi. It wasn't a shared transfer, so it was more convenient for us. We paid a fix rate of 89 zloty (21 EUR) from Modlin airport to our hotel in Warsaw.

We send them email in English and ordered the car. The driver met us in Arrivals and was pretty nice.
12 Mar 2016 #97
Get the train from modlin to warsaw about 17 - 20zl from memory, its easy fun and cheap.
Aria69 - | 1
1 Feb 2017 #98
Hi, look also at:

Comfortable and cheap, we paid 9.00€ for person :)
30 Oct 2017 #99
I land in modlin airport at 10:20 on Sunday the 05/11/17 and need a cheap transfer to the royal hotel and then Warsaw city centre any ideas of a cheap lift I'll need a lift back to the hotel later that night if your available and us an email to cgorst0atgmail. thanks
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
30 Oct 2017 #100

Just take a cab. Taxis are very cheap in poland.
gumishu 13 | 6,064
30 Oct 2017 #101
I don't know what are the going prices from Modlin to Warsaw city centre (the distance is around 15 km) - but two years ago I used a cab for a 10 km distance and it cost me 60 PLN and fuel prices have actually gone down a bit since then - but I think foreingers should be careful with cabbies here and ask for the price before boarding - otherwise they might get overcharged
cms 9 | 1,255
30 Oct 2017 #102
It is much further - 40km and a taxi will set you back about 150 zloty with Sawa, a reputable Warsaw firm. Check the Modlin airport website or try and arrange a transfer beforehand.
gumishu 13 | 6,064
30 Oct 2017 #103
40km and a taxi

oh well - I got it very very wrong - just following my feel for distances on the map - just checked the internet for info and yes it states it's 36 km to Warsaw city centre
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
30 Oct 2017 #104
but I think foreingers should be careful with cabbies here and ask for the price before boarding - otherwise they might get overcharged

Yes that is true.. Definitely ask first... plus you can take an uber..

Also check the route to make sure they're not driving in circles or purposely taking the long way to charge you more... cabbies around the world do this to people they feel they can rip off... always better to be an informed consumer..

150 zloty = roughly $40 usd
cms 9 | 1,255
31 Oct 2017 #105
Was talking about Uber with a friend last night and their price from Modlin on their website is nuts - 61 zloty, but the gas on its own would be 30 zloty, let alone the cost of insurance, car depreciation ZUS. I can only assume that Uber is subsidising Polish drivers to a huge extent - otherwise why do it ?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
31 Oct 2017 #106

Ive always wondered that too. The price is around half of a cab in the us U.S. I don't see how these drivers are making much more than minimum wage, if even that if they have a gas guzzler

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