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Best Zapiekanka in Krakow?

15 Oct 2013 #1

Dying to try out this seemingly delicious snack. Where is the best place in Krakow center to try it out, cost/quality?
pgtx 30 | 3,156
15 Oct 2013 #2
Plac Nowy (in OkrÄ…glak) in Kazimierz District

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They say that Endzior is the best, but it's not true. Try the next window instead.

McDouche 6 | 285
15 Oct 2013 #3
Wow! That looks delicious!

I would've guessed that's Italian.
Ant63 13 | 410
15 Oct 2013 #4
The Zapiekanka in Morrisons(UK) is rubbish. Don't bother trying it.

I'm surprised that there isn't a glut of Zapiekanka outlets her in the UK. I'm positive they would go down a storm.
johnb121 4 | 184
15 Oct 2013 #5
I think the Brist were put off by the half-assed "French bread pizzas" - even if not, you can bet a UK version would have a smear of topping, not a pile of it, so a very mediocre product by comparison with the competitive Polish street market.
15 Oct 2013 #6
a UK version would have a smear of topping, not a pile of it,

The English one might, but with the Scottish one you wouldn't be able to check (due to the thing being deep fried).
johnb121 4 | 184
15 Oct 2013 #7
Too right Harry ... and a side of deep-fried Mars Bar
p3undone 8 | 1,135
15 Oct 2013 #8
Jon357,well they deep fry butter,so I guess mars bars actually make sense lol :)

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