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Best way to get from Lodz to Warsaw?

Paladine 3 | 29
2 Apr 2013 #31
Merged: Taxi from Lodz to Warsaw Airport

Can anyone give me an idea of how much a taxi would be from Lodz to Warsaw Airport? I need to be at the airport for 6am and unfortunately there is no train to get me there in time.


smurf 39 | 1,981
2 Apr 2013 #32
There's a PKS bus that would have you in Warsaw at 3.30, taxi to airport from there would have you in the airport in perfect time for the 2-hours-prior check in.

But going from theses guy's prices and £odz to Warsaw bring 130km, it would cost you 150zl, plus whatever they charge for bags, pick up etc.
SLipinski - | 1
3 Dec 2013 #33
Call 426522222, from Lodz to Warsaw they took 300 pln for the van with 5 people.
25 Jan 2014 #34
Taxi from Lódz to Warsaw will cost around 300 zloty (is about 75 euro) , trip will take around 1 hour 30 mins .Last year I had the same problem and I found a nice taxi company Good Taxi. Nice and clean cars for a really good price.Driver speak english so it was real ok.

Hello I always use good Poland taxi drivers speak English , they have a nice cars , and they are very helpful , and cheap.I think its the best company in this area.
Saleem 1 | 5
15 May 2014 #35
Merged: How to get to Lodz from Warsaw Frederic Chopin airport?

hello people
I am a mechanical engineer student in my 5th year ,I really love travelling and I got few weeks ago a great new regarding that, I got the opportunity to do my internship in Poland ,Lodz, I am really excited but am a bit scared of how to go there, I will be arriving in Frederic Chopin airport in Warsaw, and I have no idea of how to get to Lodz , by train or bus or even taxi?? am not looking for the cheaper way but I am looking for something safe and easy to use since this is my first time in Poland and I don't speak a word Polish ! if I can go by bus then where to take it ? exactly outside the airport or I have to go somewhere else ? how much will cost me and how much time will take ? and what is the name of the station I ll be arriving in Lodz ,, please help am really confused ,I have been surfing the net much time now and I didn't get any answer regarding that

please help , thank you
Monitor 14 | 1,820
15 May 2014 #36
the easiest with train, because Chopin Airport has direct train connection. Use to find times and connections. It's around 2:30h You have to take tran SKW 2 or SKW 3 from the Airport and then change for train to £ódź in Warszawa Zachodnia or perhaps Warszawa Centralna. The website will suggest you Warszawa Zachodnia, because it's closer, but perhaps you want to go to Centralna, as it's main station and you will have easier to buy a ticket to £ódź there.

Type from: Lotnisko Chopina to: £ódź

I have found out that there is bus connection directly Chopin Airport - £ódź every 4h. If time suits you, then it's even easier than train. You can check schedule and buy ticket online here:
kpc21 1 | 763
16 May 2014 #37
In case of trains be careful, because some trains in Warsaw use now Warszawa Gdańska instead Warszawa Centralna station, due to construction works. Check timetables in all cases (Warszawa Śródm. which means Warszawa Śródmieście is practically the same station as Warszawa Centralna).

From the airport to Warszawa Centralna you can get also with the bus 175 (beware of pickpockets).
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
16 May 2014 #38
if this helps is in english also
Saleem 1 | 5
16 May 2014 #39
the timetalble is in polish so I cant read it clearly ,,
my flight will arrive at 9:20am when is the next ride ?
jon357 69 | 18,445
16 May 2014 #40
Click on the flag for the English version.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 May 2014 #41
In case of trains be careful, because some trains in Warsaw use now Warszawa Gdańska instead Warszawa Centralna station, due to construction works.

I didn't know that. Then better use change in Warszawa Zachodnia as the website suggests.
kpc21 1 | 763
16 May 2014 #42
A map of the airport is here:
As you can see, the bus terminal and the train station are nearby each other.

If you are looking for the timetable

For you important is the green box. "Lotnisko Okęcie" is the Chopin ariport in Warsaw. It's just an alternative name. "o." means odjazd - departure, "p." - przyjazd (arrival). So you need to look at the lower green box.

Unfortunately the bus is at 9:30 a.m., so you will rather not manage to catch it. The next one is 1:20 p.m., so you would have to wait for almost 4 hours. In this time you can be in £ódź by train.

I don't know what day you are flying but for example this Monday there are trains from the airport at 9:47 and 10:35 in the direction of Sulejówek. For you it would be best to leave at Warszawa Zachodnia station and then change into a train to £ódź. The search engine shows IR trains to £ódź fitting (in terms of departure time) to these from the airport. There are also some called TLK. Remember that a ticket for TLK is not valid in IR and vice versa.

It seems that you may use Warszawa Centralna (and Warszawa Śródmieście) station to change the train, but in this case you have less time or even you have to take a later train to £ódź. The best is to see the timetable for the day you need because it is sometimes different for different days.

If you want to use Warszawa Centralna (the advantage is that it is the initial station for some trains to £ódź) and the train from airport stops at Warszawa Śródmieście - these two stations are connected with an underground tunnel. There are very close to each other - one is just designed for local trains, the other one for long-distance ones.
Saleem 1 | 5
12 Jun 2014 #43
so i can find the bus outside the airport ? no need to take taxi for it right?
kpc21 1 | 763
12 Jun 2014 #44
Yes, you can. Both bus and train. You have choice.

Even at night you have a night bus, which goes every 30 minutes, but the number is different. According to - it is the line N32.
Dave M
26 Jul 2014 #45
Fair Taxi Poland has very relative prices for airport transportation , last week we order 9 seater van for a visitation in Lodz and we paid 90 euro for this.

Much cheaper , faster and more comfortable than train . big plus of this company is that the driver take care of the cars and really enjoy what they do and care about the customer, I am positively surprised and sincerely recommend a company Fair Taxi Poland.

I really honestly work and the prices are very attractive, driving in a few people out cheaper than anything else .
I would add that the drop off and pick up from many other places, like airport in Modlin or Poznan.
Monica B
5 Aug 2014 #46
good morning , yesterday I used this company Fast Poland Taxi, and I'm really impressed :) like for this standard a price is really low !
drivers speak english, cars are nice . Really big plus for this service.
Sara 1984
16 Nov 2014 #47
Hello, I know this topic is a little old, but always worth giving some advice to those who are looking for updated information .Mam name is Sara and I move in August on this route several times a year in connection with my work. First of all, when it comes to accommodation, the hotels in the city center are not expensive, and every where workers slept muwili English and were very helpful, on average, per day have to pay about 50 euros, but for someone who is looking for something cheaper in Lodz is also a lot of hostels at affordable prices. As for some cheap transportation is recommend a company poland-trans cheap airport transfers from Lodz and Warsaw throughout Poland. The price for travel from Warsaw to Lodz is 299 Polish zlotys or 80 euros. Distance from Warsaw to Lodz is about 140 km .Podróż takes about 1 and a half hours . Drivers of this company are fluent in English and are nice and helpful. Prices for rides are about 50 percent cheaper than other companies in Poland, but the level of service is very high and the car clean, nice and neat. Currently the boat is under renovation so I would not recommend trains and coaches, you save 20 euros and you lose half a day of travel and a lot of nerves and time.

Kind regards Sara
JollyRomek 7 | 481
17 Nov 2014 #48
@ Sara1984, train ticket to Lodz is 32 zloty which equates to roughly 8 Euro. Taxi from Lodz Kaliska to any of the hotels in the city center (Hotels on Pilsudskiego) is about an additional 12 - 15 zloty so all in all a trip from Warszawa Centralna to the Hotel in Lodz would costs approx. 44 - 47 zloty, not even 12 Euro . It takes maximum 3 hours (delays due to construction on railtracks and in the city of Lodz already taking into consideration).

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