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Best clubs in Krakow? No tourist traps.

9 Jun 2007 #1

I'm going with some friends to Krakow this summer, 28th of July to 2nd of August and we're living close to old town where I've heard that the best nightlife is.

Any recomendations for good nightclubs:


Preferably no "tourist traps" where they play Rednex... ;-)


Amathyst 19 | 2,702
9 Jun 2007 #2
Prozak is quite good - a few different rooms, Poles are pretty in to Hip Hop...

just do a google on night life in Krakow, Ive been twice and found the night life pretty damn good...
9 Jun 2007 #3
look at this link: cracow-life
OP Henko
9 Jun 2007 #4
Yeah, I've visited these links but I think you always get better answers from the locals. Last year we were in Prague and checked many links on nightlife and read articles. Everywhere, Karlowe Lazne was recommended, but it was a pretty boring "tourist trap". We talked to some girls afterwards and they gave us some recomendations that were much better and found a great nightclub with lots of local people. Much more fun!

I hope to get the same recomendations from some of you on this board.

southern 74 | 7,074
9 Jun 2007 #5
Are there any clubs with big toilets,large chill out and some dark,very dark rooms for intimate relax?
O.K. Krakow clubs rock.Polish girls take care for that.
9 Jun 2007 #6
Theres some god jazz bars.. just been. Even if you don't like jazz, live music changes things.
The old town's not that big,u're going for a week so don't worry,plenty of time.
OP Henko
12 Jun 2007 #7
Well, I'm sure it's no problem finding a great nightclub on the Saturday when I guess that it's pretty crowded everywhere, but I'm most interested in finding good places for the rest of the days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday), so please share your knowledge! ;-)

OP Henko
20 Jun 2007 #8
What about dress code?
27 Jun 2007 #9
So? there never was any real answer to his question. Im traveling to poland to so I wanna know whats up! where i should go visit and stay for a while to party and have fun!
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
27 Jun 2007 #10
He was given links and told about a club..

The internet is a wonderful tool, try and use it or you could be lucky like me and know people from Krakow who can show you the best places :)
28 Jun 2007 #11
Well, I think we try out some bar in Kazimierz and get some input for the rest of the night there. Alchemia seems like the right place to be.
7 Nov 2008 #12
Sorry this post will not sort you out but for anyone else who may be coming - here you are:

Krakow has some really good weekly events. Basically Mondays are at Mixer, Tuesdays at Today, Wednesdays at Black Cherry, and Thursdays are SOW. For info about the weekends I use At that site you can also get free entries to some of the events. They also print a nightlife guide that is basically a map of all the best bars/clubs/pubs in Krakow that you can find at most hotels and hostels.

Someone mentioned a dress code, usually the rule is no sports clothes but "selection" is often random at best and they can deny entrance for no apparent reason.
jackedt 1 | 13
13 Nov 2008 #13
I highly recommend Cien Klub. I visited this place almost 3 years ago and I still remember it to this day. Great house music, awesome vibe and a good crowd of people.

Here's the website if you'd like to check it out.


groovyg 3 | 70
30 Nov 2008 #14
cien, prozak mentioned above are relatively 'wannabe posh' and music is technoish. if you like it then cool, otherwise look for other clubs that offer a completely different atmosphere.
tgb - | 1
16 Jan 2009 #15
Thread attached on merging:
What clubs are there in Krackow?

Hi there
going to Krackow next month
Are there any good night clubs?
I like trance/techno/electro
ozdan 8 | 67
14 Jun 2009 #16
Jun 14, 09, 20:08 - Thread attached on merging:
Favorite bars/clubs in Krakow

Personally my fav so far is Alchemia in Kazimierz. Theres also one i can't remember the name of which is on Florianska, up some stairs where the "Internet" sign is, chilled out atmosphere, cool music. I had some drunken fun at Carpe Diem II in 2005, but haven't been there recently. Somebody told me i would like B-side bar in Kazimierz too but I haven't been yet.

Anybody else got any favorite hangouts worth checkin out?
19 Jun 2009 #17
I'm going to be in Krakow the same time and have tickets on July 28th to see a band called, 'This Will Destroy You' (think Mogwai) at Klub Drukarnia which is right across the river from Old Town. You can give them a listen at their site, see if you might want to go :)
ozdan 8 | 67
19 Jun 2009 #18
Ended up at a Club called Kitsch the other night. As the name suggests, they play pretty cheesey music. But it has a good vibe... and a podium with a pole in the middle of it.

Basically a late night joint to dance or last min attempt to pick up a drunken lass. ;)
Zaij 3 | 6
10 Oct 2009 #19
Does anyone know any more upmarket clubs along the lines of Taawa?
Nika 2 | 507
10 Oct 2009 #20
There is Diva, or Cień...
Zaij 3 | 6
12 Oct 2009 #21
I didn't really like Diva, though Cien was alright. I was after some more really upmarket ones.
18 May 2010 #22
There is also Harem night club, I visit many plases like this, but atmosphere in harem is unique, and those hot girls ouch! :]
18 May 2010 #23
Just don't be the usual English tosser who comes here and ruins it for those of us who live here all year :)
dxx 12 | 108
18 May 2010 #24
Any recomendations for good nightclubs:


There are loads of clubs around the main square, I would recommend Shakers, Frantic, Il Blanco, Kitsch, Rdza, ...

All of em are nice, I would suggest you go around and see which one u like, and leave it if u dont like it, most of em dont charge entry fee anyway.

Around the main square, there are no rough clubs or clubs to avoid, so just go out, have a blast, and keep on looking and drinking till u find something worth while!

SummerWine - | 1
4 Jul 2010 #25
this topic is olddddddd but i guess there r still ppl who r interested in krokow's nightlife. soooooooooo....
krakow is full of nice clubs. everything depends on ur expectations. for me
prozak is the best one cos i can always meet foreigners there, music is good, there r 3 dancefloors with different music, i like the 'basement style' of the club, but for me prices r too high(its one of the most expansive club in the city f.ex beer costs 12pln [3euros]) party everyday except monday.

another good one is ministerstwo.
more 'glamorous' clubs r base music club, frantic, shakers, rdza. i personally dont really like'em. think only snobs go there:P but my friends r crazy about those clubs so i guess u would like them.

cien-this ones kinda good. for me dancefloor is too small. what i like about this place-> tourists:P
gorączka-its always crowded. looks cheap, but who cares:P party is always good there.
respect-the only hiphop club. its small and always hot there. but the perfect music makes me visit these club quiet often.
in blanco-depends on day, usually nice=)
midgard-nice combination of good style, good music and good ppl
baccarat-interesting place, looks like dracula's castle:P u can feel unique spirit of this place.
i dont advice u going to:
diva-i dont know why but i cant have fun there. there's nothing wrong with this place, it looks nice, musics not bad, but ive been there twice and each time i leaved club after 15mins.

obsesja-dirty and stinky. cmooooon, they shoul close it
kitsh-man i cant understand phenomenon of this club. it is ugly. really. but its the only club opened till morning, so after 4am everybody goes to kitsh.

on thursday, friday and saturday u will have no problems with finding good parties. all clubs r opened and all of them r full of ppl

how about other days?
sunday-go to prozak, theres latin party there-my fav;) after midnight dj plays 'normal' club music.
monday-? i think ive never been at the party on monday
tuesday-ministerstwo, inblanco
wednesday-midgard, base, rdza
actually if u walk down the streets in the center and around the market squere, u will meet ppl who invite others to the clubs, they will let u know where the party is the best that day. dont avoid those ppl. with the invitations u have discount on drinks, sometimes one drink free, and u have no problems with comming into the club.

this site is also helpful: (click on the calender and u will know where u should go that day)

dresscode- dont wear sport clothes. thats all. u r foreigners, so they like u cos u will spend a lot of money, thats what they think.

if u have any questions-feel free to ask, ill be glad to give u some advices=) u can send me a msg on facebook(the best way to contact me) or mail me,

beckski 12 | 1,612
4 Jul 2010 #26
baccarat-interesting place, looks like dracula's castle:P u can feel unique spirit of this place.

Sounds like a fun place to go. Think I may check it out.
terri 1 | 1,663
4 Jul 2010 #27
>>>>gorączka-its always crowded.
Even I, at my tender age, visit this one and never felt out of place. Good atmosphere - but crowded.
londongirl - | 1
12 Aug 2010 #28
Summer Wine
Im planning to travel to Cracow next month with a group of friends, nigerians and spanish. please tell me which club should we go to? fusion used to be really good but i know it s closed now. any club with a lot of black people in?
24 Aug 2010 #29
go to BASE and FRANTIC the rest is just piece **** for tourists , and be carful with polish girls if u go with a guy. we like foreginers lol
McCoy 27 | 1,268
24 Aug 2010 #30
hard candy

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