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How awful Warsaw bus system has become -anyone else noticed

Lonman 4 | 109
28 Oct 2014 #1
Has anyone else noticed how bad the bus and tram schedules have become lately? I have been back 1 week (I was gone for 8) and I would say the buses have been on time 25% of the time and in many cases no show. I have seen more people in the last week waiting at tram stops in big crowds with heads looking down the tracks for the tram, that is not there. I don't know whether I can trust the system to have a bus there.... tonight was fine example the 168 was supposed to be at stop at 2019 which I missed and next was 2049 so I walked over to the 222. While waiting for the late 222 bus, I saw the 168 roll by at 2040 so I jogged around and caught it home... so it came right in the middle..?? Previous night I was at a bus stop waiting for the 411, which never showed, I saw 3 buses from the same route arrive nearly the same time... eventually I got another connection the Saska and my 507 home... what a mess.

This is amazing in 3 years I have been around Warsaw on and off this is the worst I have experienced. Anyone else?
Looker - | 1129
29 Oct 2014 #2
It reminds me Polish public transportation in the socialism era when busses sometimes never showed up or they were too packed to stop and take us from the station. Trains similar.

It's a shame that Warsaw metro network is so small, maybe it is more reliable.
InWroclaw 89 | 1910
30 Oct 2014 #3
The buses and trams are very, very busy here. Getting a seat is by no means a certainty. I rarely get one on the 2 or 17 tram, nor on the 133 or 134 bus, unless I join at one or the other end of the route.
30 Oct 2014 #4
It's better every time I come home. You should've been in Wawa in the 90s!

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