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American visiting for Euros, will standard American plug on Apple MacBook laptop work?

calikent 2 | 12
30 May 2012 #1
also, do taxis take credit cards?
i'll try to take local buses/trains for the most part from my hotel to the venue in Gdansk to watch Spain, but i assume on the way to and from the airport I'll need a taxi. do they take credit cards? American cash ? GBP? or will i have to convert some into local currency?

one week til arrival in GDANSK!

wawa_marek 1 | 129
30 May 2012 #2
Don't pay cc for taxi, even if the accept it. Take some local currency from ATM. Everything others you can pay VISA, or Master. AmEx or Diners may not work sometimes.

US power plug will not be OK in Europe (except some hotels), charger should work at 230V but you shoud check at the label.
Public buses, trams, trains in Gdansk are OK.
jon357 74 | 22,312
30 May 2012 #3
The plug will need a travel adaptor. It's easier to pick one up before you go than look for one while you're here wanting to enjoy yourself.

Only some taxis take credit cards, and none take foreign currency, however you can get some zloty at the airport when you arrive - either at an exchange office (I don't recommend that, the ones at airports never give a good rate) or ideally from an ATM. While you're here, the best places to change money are the normal exchange booths, or just use an ATM. If you want to take buses and trams remember to buy your ticket beforehand from a kiosk and cancel it when you get on the bus.
OP calikent 2 | 12
30 May 2012 #4
thanks for the info! so this should work??

actually that previous one ships from Hong Kong. can't wait that long.
will THIS one work?
jon357 74 | 22,312
30 May 2012 #5
Yes, that one looks perfect. Please excuse the mass of text - I was trying to link to a picture and it was too late to edit out once I'd noticed. If you type 'European plug' into google images, you'll see the two round pins.

the post full of text... moved by mod.

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