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Where to meet friend in Chopin airport?
Poland to Romania (and back!)
18 - Try blahblahcar....

TravelTrevek - 8 Feb 2010 Harry - 7 Apr 2015
Warsaw and nice cities in the neighborhood worth visit - travelling by train
Social Culture - Confused - good place in Warsaw to make new friends
19 - HI, My name is Umer and I am living and working in Warsaw for over a year now. I...

TravelJaynGarrick - 27 Sep 2011 Umer - 2 Apr 2015
A Night or Day In to spend the time?..
Sports bar in Poznan (SKY)
Airline website trick to see flights that go from Poland to the UK in the pound, rather than zloty's?
14 - Oh wow, well done on that find. I suppose I'll try to use my own method then....

TravelWielkiPolak - 26 Mar 2015 WielkiPolak - 27 Mar 2015
Can the Euro be used as currency in Poland or do they have to be exchanged into PLN?
Visiting Sopot for a week in late May/start of June looking for restaurants/pubs
Recommended National Parks in Poland
Storks - the Symbol of Poland  2
Train from Warsaw to Siedlce
Finding a place to stay in Krakow for a month! Couch surfing.
Where would Poles (from Poland and abroad) migrate in case of rapid coming of new Ice age?
27 - That`s the good one....

TravelCrow - 12 Jan 2011 Crow - 8 Mar 2015
How to make a reservation for clubs in Warsaw on Saturday nights
Transport in Stargard Szczecinski for wedding
About tram tickets (Poznan)
Why do people say that Poland is so unsafe?  2
What to do in Wroclaw!  2
Buying Train Tickets online - I'm going to Poland soon
Recommendations for which parts of Project Riese underground complex in Poland are worth seeing?
Places open in Poland on national holidays
Poland's best winter tourist destinations - educational - info - joy
Being Transgender and visiting Wroclaw
Where to park a car safely in the Old Town of Warsaw?
2 - Yes - it's not for residents only. It still exist. As I see,...

Travelsobieski - 10 Oct 2012 Looker - 29 Jan 2015
Where is the best place to snowboard in Poland?
A good 1 day trip from Warsaw
How much zł for 14 days in Poland? Wroclaw, Krakow, Warszawa (Warsaw) and Lublin.
Any kantors in Warsaw that will accept coins?
Is there an event or where we can try out free food in Poland?
Any bar/club doing ladies night in Warsaw?
Wroclaw to Lublin - the best way to travel
5 - rent a car and drive....

Travelolbeho - 13 Jan 2015 pigsy - 14 Jan 2015
Roads with magnificent views / scenery in Krakow area.
Białka Tatrzańska- Activities to do over Christmas & New Year
Winter break Road trip - Poland or Ukraine?
5 - +1 My father in law is from Zamosc, so I've been there a couple of times. The...

Travelmynameisbob - 9 Jan 2015 Marsy101 - 9 Jan 2015
Motorcycle tour of Poland  2  3  4  5
Sailing in Masuria Poland - boat rental
× Beware GTI Travel in Poland
Rock/Metal Bars in the Tri City / Gdansk area and Warsaw?
Buying PLN online with EURO
Student from Algeria needs help to get a visa to Poland (booking too expensive)
Poland-My 9-day experience  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
New Years Eve in Warsaw (city sightseeing, restaurants)
21 - A lot of places will charge you close to that much per person just to get in!...

TravelPraefervidus - 11 Dec 2012 Harry - 29 Dec 2014
Night out in Lublin - club recommendation
5 - Thanks you so much bro....

TravelSexy - 26 Dec 2014 Sexy - 26 Dec 2014
Where do you want to open international traveler's guest house in Poland?
7 - One of the best idea's I have seen yet on the P.F. to employ locals. Start out with one...

TravelMsblueksy - 21 Jan 2011 johnny reb - 26 Dec 2014
Renting a Motorcycle in Warsaw or Sosnowiec.
Water activities in and around Sopot?
ATM with dollar currency in Poland (limits / fees)
Do trains in Poland arrive on time?  2
What is a better place to spend New Years eve? Gdansk, Sopot or Kraków ?
My trip to Zagan and other places in Poland
Recommendations for Krakow and Myślenice  2  3
Travel from Poland to Germany
Help to reach a place in Warszawa (Warsaw), Wilanowska 14, to go to Krakow?
Cheapest Way from Warsaw to Chopin Airport ?
Warsaw-Gromnik-Munich-Koln-Berlim-Warsaw? Poland-Germany-Poland by train
Visiting visa, for a photographer and amateur travel writer in Poland
Travel warnings for children of Polish citizens.
Best places to visit in Sopot in December

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