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Collection of dress codes in Poland - what to wear?  2  3
86 - A what? If you mean Duke and Duchess, neither are Polish titles....

Travellms224 - 27 Jul 2007 jon357 - 18 Jan 2016
Crossing The Poland-Lithuania Border: Suwałki to Kaunas
Trip to Poznan and Torun
What to do with EU Visa and Poland flight ticket when surname is changed?
Gym & Fitness near Wroclaw area for an American?
Attractions in Wrocław: a Must-See List  2  3  4
American woman visiting Poland in March/April
How to go to Frankfurt from Poland?
13 - No, I like planning connections by public transport :)...

Travellove_sunil80 - 6 Feb 2011 kpc21 - 27 Dec 2015
Performing live music in Szczecin
Is Poland Too Expensive To Visit?
Any Natural Spa Resort near Wroclaw?
Wroclaw or Krakow - 1st time visitor to Poland
Travel to Silesia (contacts, places to stay?)
What normally people do for New Year in Krakow?
Trip to Wroclaw, Poland - seeking for a company which organises city tours there
Japanese or Korean / Asian bars or supermarkets in Warsaw?
Bars and clubs in Warsaw and best district to stay
Englishman's travel across Poland!
9-Day Poland Trip Itinerary: Warsaw-Krakow-Wroclaw-Poznan-Gdansk-Torun-Warsaw
27 - Andrea, you work for them, don't you? Come on, be honest....

Traveltamlee - 8 Apr 2014 Roger5 - 1 Dec 2015
Visiting Poland (Krakow), want advice on local customs and people
Caught on photo radar on Poland's road - how long for a speeding ticket to arrive? How to pay?
Recommendations for a stay in Krakow? January, winter.
Zielona Gora - What's there?
Any Hooters in Poland?
28 - Polish girls have the best Hooters in the world...

TravelHooters Chick - 13 Sep 2011 Sczur - 11 Nov 2015
Poland or Philippines? Which is better for a vacation? (sex tourism)  2
Looking for a good places to have fun in Warsaw
Hotels near to Ul Francuska 36 Building B Katowice?
Getting from Wrocław to Lubin
Very dangerous defrauding trend started in some hotels in Krakow  2
Rock pubs/clubs in Wrocław?
Polski Bus experiences in Poland?
Travel with my 2 months old daughter from Poland to Germany without passport
I'm so bored in Poland!  2
51 - I was coming to tje old place at xmas now I dont know if I can due to business....

Travelcarlyjam - 11 Oct 2015 Marsupial - 15 Oct 2015
Cheap car rental (pick up Poland drop off Belgium)
Visiting Warsaw and some pointers on clubs, restaurants and decent nightlife for people 25-55 and transfer
Bialystok or... some other place in Poland.
How can I get from Wrocław, Dworzec POLBUS-PKS to airport? And to the PKP Main train station.
What to do in Katowice? (short journey)
Family Places to visit in Warsaw that would interest a 7 year old..
7 - Thanks DominicB - That sounds perfect....

TravelTartar - 16 Sep 2015 Tartar - 5 Oct 2015
Tri-city travel (want to see Gdansk and Sopot)
10 - Depends what you like..... Culture/cafes - Gdansk. Seaside/forest/partying - Sopot....

TravelColonelBlimp - 10 Aug 2010 Dougpol1 - 2 Oct 2015
24 hour food order in Poland?
5 - Of course. Plenty of them....

TravelLychee - 20 Aug 2013 delphiandomine - 2 Oct 2015
"Cool" places to see in Wroclaw
Polish people and their windbreakers on the beach
Pros and Cons about Driving from Wroclaw to Krakow
What is there to do and see in Lublin and the surrounding area? (with kids too)
Greatest Old Towns in Poland  2
Free Transport in Warsaw - 'Car Free Day'
Tips and advice on CAR HIRE IN KRAKOW AREA
10 - I have never heard something like that, I also drive my own car here in Krakow- I do...

TravelPhil_C - 9 Oct 2011 istannbullu34 - 18 Sep 2015
Anyone use the app Mobillet for public transport in Warsaw?
10 - lol Thanks Harry...

Travelukpolska3 - 15 Sep 2015 ukpolska3 - 15 Sep 2015
Travelling from Wroclaw to Warsaw without my Poland's Karta pobytu? Nobody will check my status?
14 - No. The stamp will be enough....

Travel555555 - 11 Sep 2015 delphiandomine - 12 Sep 2015
Traveling across Poland with a dog.
Visiting Poland - A bit worried about social attitudes and racist inclinations..  2  3
69 - Which country are you from?...

Travelhot_coffee - 28 Jan 2011 delphiandomine - 11 Sep 2015
90 day in, 1 day out rule - the rule allowing to stay in Poland without penalty
Jetski in Poland? Mazuria lakes.
A week in Krakow (February) - info about weather, hotels, and traffic
Ryanair flying domestic in Poland?  2
46 - That's JetBlue....

Travelsobieski - 28 Nov 2013 TheOther - 1 Sep 2015
Whats your favourite Polish city and why?  2  3  4  5
Trips around Wrocław and in Lower Silesia region
From Alabama to Warsaw - why not? Migration to Poland from United States.
Long weekend in Wroclaw - tourist sights to see (waterpark?) + Polish food + soccer game

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