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Holiday in Poland (question about transport by bus from Riga)
Wroclaw-Bratislava (the quickest way to get by car)?
Car Museum in Warsaw.
13 - They have now a branch office in Praga. Did anybody yet went there?...

Travelpoland_ - 31 May 2011 sobieski - 25 Jun 2011
Zakopane - Orla perc
THE VIKINGS ARE COMING...what to do and see in Poland....?
30 - The story telling , and beer drinking went very well... I woke up with a bit of a...

Travelwildrover - 10 Jun 2011 wildrover - 15 Jun 2011
Cycling on the footpath in Warsaw - not permitted?
Krakow to Hradec Kralove?
Things to see along eastern Poland by bicycle  2
42 - hi all, I just saw this thread and had to laugh. I have lived in Augustow for about...

TravelBearnyboo - 31 May 2011 Echidna - 12 Jun 2011
Narrow-gauge railway into the Kampinos forest in Poland
Any interesting things in Lodz?
Traveling to Bozecin in September. Contact/Info Needed
Food Delivery past 8pm on a fri/sat night in Warsaw?
Krynica Morska - I'm planning on visiting this place very soon - any suggestions?
Preparing a TV show. Need advice on places in Poland where you can make a wish!
Travel to Lomza
Szczecin-Torun train
Polish Lot - Serving Alcohol
14 - Lot Airlines does over serve. So it will be up to you, to control yourself. Mike...

Travelpolak18 - 12 May 2011 valpomike - 12 May 2011
Why are some Taxis in Warsaw so smelly?
16 - Just wait for the summer season when everyone is clammy :) :)...

TravelRealOne - 16 Apr 2011 Seanus - 27 Apr 2011
A beach in Krakow
7 - Worse things are done to attract foreign tourists and bring revenue for the city....

Travelinternaldialog - 11 Jun 2010 pawian - 23 Apr 2011
The British YOBs are back in Polish towns  2  3
Help! Want to take the train from Warsaw to Amsterdam!
7 - I'm sorry, make it 4 hours 35 minutes. I can imagine after 15,5 hours ......

TravelBusinessmann - 12 Apr 2011 Stu - 12 Apr 2011
Any recommendations for Krakow entertainment
12 - It is a novelty, I only chose Jamesons cos I dont particularly like it....

Traveljamesxxx - 7 Apr 2011 dtaylor5632 - 8 Apr 2011
Pics of Warsaw by the Guardian's David Levene  2  3  4
Best method of transport to get from Warsaw to Kaunas?
How safe is Krakow for a single girl ?  2
Krakow - any 24h food place where i can order a pizza or something like that online?
Gdansk - photographs
Bars in or near Pomiechowek
From Katowice to Lodz and Czestochowa by train
5 -

TravelJust a girl - 31 Jan 2011 Echidna - 31 Mar 2011
Can you go to Poland on a coach without passport?
Tallest buildings in Europe in Kraków?
Camping in Zakopane (is it popular and what to expect)
Visiting Warsaw in april: WW 2 sites and other places of interest?
4 - There are to many great things to see, in just Warsaw, and you can't see many in just a...

TravelErik Poulsen - 23 Mar 2011 valpomike - 25 Mar 2011
Visiting - Mazury? what else besides the obvious?
15 - Zaborek is a nice place to go and it is off the beaten track, you will also find...

Travelnincompoop_not - 4 Jun 2010 poland_ - 22 Mar 2011
Visiting Poland in May - what should I bring?
Krakow or Warsaw for a 25yr old?
Warsaw to Mlawa - Fastest Mode of Public Transportation on a Sunday in April?
Photographs and Weather in Leba, Poland
Airport authorities in Poland
Alcohol prices in Poland (Zakopane). [Off-Licence / Store]
20 - No such thing as duty free on intra-EU flights. Anything you can buy in the shops in...

TravelDavidODwyer - 25 Jan 2011 delphiandomine - 6 Mar 2011
Going to PL in April, I hope that the people I meet are as great as I know already
Polish Dropzones (licensed skydiver intends to travel to Brzeg in Śląsk)
Cost of "living" Zakopane (Tourist)
Pot holes on Polish roads - to swerve or not to swerve
Travel to Lwow from Rzeszow
18 - I would recommend the Hotel Eney in Lviv....

TravelJoeB - 23 Mar 2010 poland_ - 26 Jan 2011
Traveling to Kraków - how to get to the city's center from the airoport?
Are there any African or Carribean restaurants in Warsaw?
Ski and Snowboard - Poland 09/10 season (updated: 10/11 season)  2  3
Seven Secret Wonders of Poland
Country-style hotel outside Warsaw
One night hour in Warsaw (with a car) - is there any "must see" places?
HELP: how to travel from Warsaw to Rzeczenica Polska
4 - If I was going to Rzeczenica, I wouldn't start from Warsaw :D...

Travelboo9955 - 25 Dec 2010 bimber94 - 25 Dec 2010
Rumour Control: Wizz Air pulling out of Warsaw?
Zakopane for Sylvester - is it time to book now?  2
32 - lolozabojat, I am already sorted, but thanks for your offer....

Travelpoland_ - 26 Oct 2010 poland_ - 22 Dec 2010
Auchan Wroclaw - open on 26th December??
How much is a cab: Warsaw airport to the bus station?
27 - The Bayer incident took place at least 4 years ago, methinks....

Travelosiol - 24 Dec 2007 Zed - 21 Dec 2010
Katowice airport situation?
Has anyone seen Mazowsze (established in 1948)
9 - and where was the may pole heh ;p...

Travelczar - 11 Dec 2010 czar - 20 Dec 2010
Mobile Internet in Poland (traveling for a couple of months)
Coming to Warszawa (Warsaw) 31st, where to spend New Year?
13 - Oh, I didn't know it......

Traveljacob - 13 Dec 2010 zetigrek - 13 Dec 2010

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