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Teaching and assessment methods in Polish universities

2 Sep 2013 #1
Hello everybody!

I would like to know about the teaching and assessment methods used by Polish universities.

How courses are taught? Lectures, small group seminars?

What are the preferred assessment methods? Maybe reports, essays, portfolios, presentations, briefing papers, group research projects, case studies, oral/written exams, dissertations?

Thanks in advance!
raken8787 1 | 20
14 Sep 2013 #2
i would say it is a combination of most of what you have mentioned. teaching is mostly for a group of people, there are certain groups who join other groups from other faculty having common subjects. some subjects might only have group seminars, some may have only report submission, some have written exams. i studied management, never had an oral exams barring an instance that was during the dissertations. group research projects , these can be your dissertation topic. Some subjects are graded both by presentations and written tests. so basically you will be specified at the start what you are going to face.

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