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Do Poland universities accept transfer student?

vincentrrrr 1 | -
13 Dec 2018 #1
Hi everyone, I am a chinese sophomore who studies computer science. I hate communism and my current school, I used to thinking about studying abroad when I was younger, but because of my financial situation and environmental impact, I didn't act.

Now I really want to study in a university where there is freedom. Universities of China is more like a jail to train new slaves. So I want to transfer to other countries' college if money allows.

So I want to ask in this forum, Do Poland universities accept transfer student? And how about the tuition?

I would be extremely grateful if some one can spare some time telling me some firsthand information!!!!!

:) :)
terri 1 | 1,665
13 Dec 2018 #2
Find a Polish university and email them. Some offer courses in English. You can ask them how much they will charge you and whether they will accept you. No one on this forum can give you answers as only the University has the power to accept or reject students based on their ability.

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