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International business master degree - which Poland's university should I study?

3 Jul 2017 #1
Hi! I want to do master degree on international business but I can't decide in which university should I study; university of warsaw or sgh warsaw school of economics. When we look at the rankings, uw's ratings are higher than sgh but I think sgh has more connections with companies.

Thanks in advance!
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,663
3 Jul 2017 #2
Sgh imo is much better. Its where a lot of the prominent people in pl went and where their kids go.idk about the other one as much but its good too. Sgh has two programs for mba. One is in polish one is in English. A lot of unis do joint programs in poland and Europe in general. Even tho the lessons are at sgh campus in warsaw the degree you receive upon completion is actually from university of montreal. You can check out their website for more info and pricing.

Unless you plan to work in poland for good you'll be fine with an sgh degree. I don't know how univ of montreal would be viewed. The top schools in Europe that are recognized internationally are places like insead oxford lse Erasmus and a few others. Us mbas with aacsb accreditation will be respected internationally too n those good eu schools have it as well.
DominicB - | 2,709
3 Jul 2017 #3

If you are from a developing country, and wish to emigrate to a richer country, then either study in your target country, or in your own country. As it is very unlikely that Poland is your target country, a degree from any Polish university will be worth less than a degree from either your target country or your home country.

A Masters in International Business is worth zero on the job market unless a) you are a top student in a top program in a top school (neither SGH or Montreal is a top school); or b) you already possess abundant business experience, especially the type that proves that you can make money for your future employer. The qualification is not worth much. Skills and experience trump that every time. If you do not have solid profit-making business experience, a masters is not going to help you, and would be a complete waste of time and money. Your time would be better spent getting profit-making business experience first. You can then revisit the question of earning a masters in five years or so.

There is a glut of inexperienced graduates with business-related degrees and no profit-making experience. Most of those will end up in low-paid jobs very far from the board room. Very few successful businessmen learned how to do business in college or grad school. Most were working in business already, either for themselves or for good employers, in their teens, or even earlier. No amount of schooling is going to make a businessman out of someone who hasn't been doing business since puberty.

Now, what their is a shortage of is graduates with solid quantitative skills: advanced applied mathematics. For a person from a developing country, this is by far the easiest set of skills to sell on the international market. A degree in financial engineering, financial mathematics, econometrics or actuarial science will open up a lot more doors than one in international business.
jon357 67 | 16,655
3 Jul 2017 #4
university of warsaw or sgh warsaw school of economics

Both are good, both have decent student life. SGH certainly has more contacts with Polish companies which would be useful if you decide to stay on after your studies, however long-term UW could be a better bet. Why not have a look at fora for current and former students of both. There you will get a feel of what people who have studied at both institutions are saying about the current situation.

Good luck, and I hope you have a great time in Poland.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,663
4 Jul 2017 #5
So true... If you can't prove that you brought in a significant revenue stream' were part of some successful project in a meaningful way, forget it.

I majored in international business in marketing at the bachelor level and am planning to start my mba soon. I work in b2b corporate sales. That's about the only time ib has even midly helped because I work with many people all over the world but most my customer base is US. Imo its not a good major - too soft skill and too general. Id think even management is a better bet than ib.

Financial mathematics is hot. If I were more of a quant guy I would ve definitely chose that. But I prefer smiling shaking hands and getting people to believe that they have a problem and giving me money is the solution.

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