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Opinion about the Kozminski Business School?

15 Nov 2011 #1
I've been studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Chester in UK as an international student. Turns out that they're increasing their tuition fees next year for international students as well. Hence I plan to transfer to Kozminski Business School's BBA in Finance and Accounting course next year. What do you people think? I hear cost of living in Warsaw is cheaper than most british cities, is that true?
Michael_jackson - | 12
20 Jan 2012 #2
Merged: Kozminski Msc reviews.

Hello Guys,
I was just wondering if you could leave some reviews about Master in Kozminski univeristy.How is the University for foreign students?
Do leave genuine reviews.

scout - | 4
29 Mar 2012 #3
Merged: Reviews on universities

want to know the opinion on the following universities:Lazarsky University and Leon Kozminsky Academy.
Are they worth studying at? Do they really possess the title "Uniwersytet"?
What about the recognition of their diplomas and level of education there?

Thank you in advance!
Alligator - | 261
30 Mar 2012 #4
£azarski and Koźmiński are private academies. They do not have "university" status. In Poland if academia do not have enough Phd courses and enough staff with highest academic titles (prof. ordinarius), thay can't use "university" title, but nontheles they are institutions of higher education.

The problem is translation and some differences between higher education systems.
Akademia, Uczelnia and Uniwersytet can be translated into "university".

I don't have any opinions about them. You probably saw their websites, but I will post them anyway ;)
boletus 30 | 1,366
30 Mar 2012 #5
I don't have any opinions about them.

According to this University Business School Ranking in Poland:

Kozminski University is placed 3rd (185% - whatever that means) with 4 Palmes (Top Business School, Internationally known), after University of Warsaw School of Management (265%, 4 Palmes) and SGH -Warsaw School of Economics (256%) with 5 Palmes (Universal Business School, with major international influence)
Alligator - | 261
30 Mar 2012 #6
SGH -Warsaw School of Economics

It is the best business school in Poland and it is not easy to get there.
boletus 30 | 1,366
30 Mar 2012 #7
Anyone seriously interested in higher education in Poland should start with "Perspektywy" Education Foundation to learn how seriously and honestly the Polish academic ranking system is currently being developed and maintained.

(Fundacja Edukacyjna "Perspektywy"- in Polish) is an independent, non-profit national organization established June 1st, 1998 to promote and support education. The Board of Foundation consists of present and former rectors of Polish universities and other outstanding public figures interested in the development of higher education in Poland.

"Perspektywy" Foundation runs the Secretariat of the IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence, an international association has established by universities and ranking organizations from USA, Europe and Asia

There is also Polish version of website "Perspektywy", with many more details, .

The detailed rankings of Polish Higher Educational Institution (HEI), for the year 2011, are available here

They are grouped in various categories, including academic HEIs, private Master level HEIs, private Bachelor level HEIs, state Bachelor level HEIs. The detailed methodology of ranking is included.

For example, in the category ofbest academic HEIs Kozminski and Lazarski universities are ranked as follows:
01 University of Warsaw - 100 overall points (the details of 32 ranking subcategories omitted)
02 Jagiellonian University - 99.71
03 Warsaw University f Technology - 85.52
04 Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan - 76.38
25 Kozminski University - 44.86
81 Lazarski University - 19.32

On the other hand Kozminski is placed first on the list of 101 private Master level HEIs:

01 Kozminski University - 100
05 Lazarski University - 54.56

There are also field rankings: Economy Sciences, Medicine, Art and Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Science, Engineering and Informatics, Natural Sciences.

In the Economy Sciences group of 35 schools:
01 Warsaw School of Economics - 100
02 University of Warsaw - 76.6
03 Poznan University of Economics - 65.0
09 Kozminski University - 30.1
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
30 Mar 2012 #8
want to know the opinion on the following universities:Lazarsky University and Leon Kozminsky Academy.

Both are generally regarded in Poland as very good schools. They don't have university status as in Poland only very large schools can get it but both of course can legally award master degrees and also doctorates. Rankings like the one above are also misleading in my opinion, public schools are always at the top but they are not always that good really...
scout - | 4
31 Mar 2012 #9
Big thank to everyone for reply!
So in Poland it is possible to obtain a degree at the institution that's not "uniwersytet".
And not all the so called "universities" are really universities. Nevertheless, it is possible to obtain higher education there, right?
And what about the diplomas? Are they recognized? Because here, in Ukraine, private higher educational establishments are not that popular with the students.
Michael_jackson - | 12
31 Mar 2012 #10
The one thing i have come across that kozminski have some interesting programs and its AACSB accredited which only 5% of world universities have.
Can anybody tell about the recognition of diploma nationally and internationally?
boletus 30 | 1,366
31 Mar 2012 #11
So in Poland it is possible to obtain a degree at the institution that's not "uniwersytet".

The confusion comes from translation of the Polish names of these schools into English, as "university". In Polish, these schools are called "Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego" (with z-acute and n-acute) and "Uczelnia £azarskiego" (with L-slash), correspondingly.

The former is internationally recognized.

As of 2011, it is the only private business school in Poland with full doctorate (since 1998) and habilitation (since 2003) granting rights in management. It is also entitled by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to grant PhD titles in law and economics (since 2009).
The school runs programs in Polish and in English at bachelor, master, postgraduate, MBA and doctorate levels in management, finance, law, European studies, sociology, psychology in management and administration.


Polish version of Wikipedia provides much more data here:źmińskiego

Less can be said about Lazarski University. Here is the Polish Wikipedia link:£azarski_(uczelnia)

It has several accreditation though (translated from the above link):

+ Department of Education of State of Delaware (USA), through which Lazarski School diplomas are recognized in the U.S.
+ University of Wales in Great Britain for English language programs at undergraduate and graduate levels, which allows graduates to obtain two degrees - Lazarski School and University of Wales

+ Center for International Legal Studies in Salzburg (Austria) for programs in Legal Skills and LL.M. in International Business Practice
+ Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) for the program Study of Russian Law

As part of the student and faculty exchange the School cooperates with more than 90 European universities and research institutions.
scout - | 4
31 Mar 2012 #12
Thank you for the info.
Now I'll have to explore it more thoroughly by writing directly to those establishments.
As to the University of Wales i found the following in the Wiki:
The University of Wales was formally merged into Trinity Saint David at the end of October 2011.
So I need to sort out this thing with Lazarsky...
boletus 30 | 1,366
31 Mar 2012 #13
Now I'll have to explore it more thoroughly by writing directly to those establishments.

Kozminski U. looks like a top school. I would not worry about it at all. There is also nothing wrong with the word "Akademia" itself. One of the best known state universities of technology in Poland, AGH University of Science and Technology is known in Polish as "Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza", which directly translates as "Mining and Metallurgy Academy". Since the name "Academy" is not recognized everywhere, the name of AGH school is therefore translated as "University".

Same story with "Politechnika". All Polish universities that educate future engineers with various degrees (Bachelor, Master, PhD) are known as "Politechnika". However, some countries use the word "Politechnic" to describe also vocational studies.

It may be a world renowned institution of higher education and advanced engineering and scientific research or professional vocational education, specializing in science, engineering, and technology or different sorts of technical subjects. It may also refer to a secondary education school focused in vocational training.
scout - | 4
31 Mar 2012 #14
i've got it! thanks :)
kernel - | 1
26 Jul 2012 #15
Merged: Kozminski University - anyone studied there?

Hi everybody! My name is Sergii (Ukraine, Kyiv) I am very interested in study in Kozminski University and try to find anybody who has already studied there. I'll be grateful if someone help me to answer to a few question regarding education. Thank you in in advance
28 Sep 2012 #16
Sergei, on the fanpage of Kozminski University on facebook you can find this application which shows you who studies there from which country and provides e-mail contacts to some of these people.
researchers 4 | 19
8 Jul 2013 #17
Merged: KOZMINSKI UNIVERSITY any students here? any review or experiences?

Hey guys

Does anyone know about this university in Warsaw?

- what is its education standards
- how are the staff
- is it worth studying there?
-they take admissions easily or its difficult?
-how is students life? at the university
- any placements guarantee?

Etc suggestions and ideas will be respected

we are group of friends who are confused to choose any university in Warsaw for studies so just simply need some help from the real people in Poland :)

Thank you everyone
kaz200972 2 | 229
8 Jul 2013 #18
As I replied in a previous post, it's not exactly top notch, it's only ranked at 38 in the country which is better than Vistula granted. If you are going to pay good money to study abroad why not go to the one of the best universities, Warsaw University, Warsaw Polytechnic etc.... go for the top 10 institutions at least. Erasmus in Rotterdam is good or maybe A British University though they are expensive.
14 Apr 2014 #20
The best practice should be that all these schools give details obout their graduate's subsequent career paths.

I see here a lot of considerations about the school's status of university or academy, if the school can award PhD and if it's recognised by the Ministry and bla bla bla ... That sounds quite superficial and I see that for schools who are not good enough and need to make a name - bad sign.

The only important matter is what are doing the students after graduation : do they get top jobs in top companies ? What percentage of them ?

When I look at top business graduate jobs on Linkedin, for example in Consulting (McKinsey, Bain, BCG, EY, KPMG and so forth), I see (in order of number of employed people) SGH, University of Warsaw school of management, Warsaw University of Technology, and Kozminski.
11 Feb 2017 #21
Hi Vince,
looking at your research I would totally agree that the unis are all in the top of the polish system. one think to add into consideration would be for me the research value of this institutions. Since some years we can recognize in Poland that kozminski and sgh is deviding the whole state found nearly completely for them self all other universities may be still not a bad choice but sgh and kozminski are getting the highest support. this leads to big differences in research and connection of universities in the management field. this two schools got more than 70% of the whole value for the polish state.

an other interesting fact to consider would be the alumini per year. so you can understand the mechanic behind the highering processes, kozminski is rather a small school compared to other you named with class sizes and there are not that much of alumini each year. In adition i would claim that the incomestats of kozminski are not bad looking at FT rankings. a frind of mine studied there he is working at EY in germany hope it helped someone.

PS i am from Poland doing a master at Koz. and at GEM (france) my persenal feeling is that Koz. is why better orgenized and is keeping care of the students than this institution.
29 May 2017 #22
Hi guys,I will graduate Industrial&Systems Engineering bachelor degree(%100 english) from Turkey.I I am thinking of applying to Master in Management Program in Kozminski Un.My GPA is around 2.15 over 4, do I have a chance to receive admission? Is the GPA is important to get admission for non-state university?I would like to know if my chances are less, because I do not want to invest for nothing.Thanx for your answers:)

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