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Lodz, new international school for kids?

finmum 1 | 3
20 Aug 2013 #1

We're thinking about moving to Lodz and have two kids. Apparently there's a new international school starting this autumn ( Any (inside) information available? I am for example interested in the teachers' English skills (the name list on the school homepage would indicate that they are not native English speakers).

Any other schools available? Their quality, reputation?
Wulkan - | 3,243
21 Aug 2013 #2
the name list on the school homepage would indicate that they are not native English speakers

But wouldn't native English speakers be bad in Polish in the other hand?
OP finmum 1 | 3
21 Aug 2013 #3

This is an international school, tuition in English so I don't care what their Polish is like :)

I've seen my ex-colleagues teaching vocational subjects in badbad English... So yes, I am definitely interested in the teachers' level of English skills (but not saying they have to be native speakers).
Wulkan - | 3,243
21 Aug 2013 #4
So I understand you will stay in Poland for a short period of time that's why you dont what your kids to have anything to do with the local language.
OP finmum 1 | 3
21 Aug 2013 #5
Planning on staying for the next 10 years or so. We already have a flat in Lodz, my husband speaks fluent Polish, the kids already know a couple of words of Polish and will definitely learn more. For me Polish will be my 5th foreign language. So come on...

My original questions are in the first message. If someone has answers to them, please, post them.
21 Aug 2013 #6
I don't know that school in Lodz but based upon my knowledge of those so called "international" Polish schools, I assume that teachers have a poor knowledge of English, are paid peanuts and don't stay very long. Such schools although very often very expensive are not serious so better to attend Polish public schools.

PS: just to have a concrete idea, you may check on teachers' turnover, for instance how many new teachers in September ;). Low salaries, lousy conditions (most often part of salaries are not reported to Tax Office and received in cash by teachers) so competent teachers normally never stay long at such "international" schools...
OP finmum 1 | 3
21 Aug 2013 #7
Brilliant idea, thank you for that!
3 Apr 2014 #8
We are thinking to move to Lodz with two kids this year. Have you found English British school ?
Thank you for answer!
Is it development place for leaving with kids ? I mean healthy food, meet, fish, fruits.
Local people?

Anna W
7 Apr 2014 #9
Are you joking? i think Lodz is a great place to live with your kids- just like anywhere else in Europe. I could tell you where to go to spend some good time. Food is excellent - but do go to the markets and buy seasonal foods rather than supermarket all-year round apples etc.

Email me if you want. I'm a mum of a two-year old and looking for a good English-speaking company for my child.

Jovikzu - | 1
27 May 2014 #10
I miss Lodz so much, as my kids get older and there are so many things to do! now I live 4th year in Abu Dhabi.

I am interested in getting english, german speaking families who moved or will move to Lodz.

if anyone interested please write back.

have a nice day

epepita - | 3
31 Oct 2016 #11
Merged: English Speaking School in Lodz

Hi, we are looking for an english speaking schools in Lodz for 4yrs. old and 6 yrs old. Any school you might be able to recommend?
Lyzko 42 | 9,091
31 Oct 2016 #12
Might one inquire just for starters as to why an English-speaking school, secondly, why necessarily in Łódź?
Are you intending to move to Poland? If so, why learn English in Poland instead of either the US, Canada, Australia (which is closer for you), or the UK?

Just curious:-)
epepita - | 3
31 Oct 2016 #13
Hi Lyzko, we will be relocating in Lodz by the start of the 2017. I am looking for English speaking schools in Lodz since we, especially my kids, doesn't know how to speak Polish yet. Though we will have Polish classes, I'm thinking of slowly integrating the language to them by not enrolling them right away to a regular Polish school.
Lyzko 42 | 9,091
31 Oct 2016 #14
Good luck though finding Polish kids who speak good English:-) Unless of course, the parents speak the language being learned at home, you'd be perhaps best to find a specifically British or American-sponsored school with diplomats' aka ex-pats' children whose first language is English, since, as you say, your youngsters don't yet know Polish!

Broken English they can learn for free in the Phillippines, why bother to pay money for it abroadLOL

Only my opinion however, I'm not trying to discourage you in the slightest. I was myself only in Poland briefly as a day tourist and found it quite interesting, although I did know at least the basics of the language:-)
Crazy brit mum
8 May 2017 #15
How are things going in Lodz with the school? I read your posts Epepita, and I think you might be able to help with some of my questions. We are probably moving to Lodz (from UK) in the summer and don't know if the school is good enough for our 2 kids or if we need to base ourselves in Warsaw where the school appears to be much better organised. I would really like to hear how you are finding things and maybe when we come over we could meet up? It would be nice to have someone to give me the benefit of their experience. Thanks in advance
10 Aug 2017 #16
I am considering moving to Lodz as well. I was hoping to 'test the waters' with the International School there during the summer and enroll my kids in a summer school but there was not enough kids :( Since the school has proper accreditations, I would think it is ok. I am Polish and my husband is English, we have been expats for quite a while and having international education for kids is a priority for me. I cannot decide whether to go with Warsaw or Lodz (where I come from) due to school issue. Are you now in Lodz Crazy Brit Mum?
epepita - | 3
10 Aug 2017 #17
@Crazy brit.mum
Hi, just checked the messages now. We opted to put our daughters in polish schools mainly so they can learn polish language faster and that they will be able to adapt to polish environment as soon as possible. Though they do not understand fully but they still able to go through it and managed to even have friends. Also, the schools are very considerate assigning English teachers to assist them from time to time. :) I was even grateful that the directress added additional time to just teach my eldest daughter polish. We requested for our eldest to attend even at the later part of school year 2017 (May) and they agreed. Our youngest also started this August (1 month advance from the Sep. start of classes) so she can also already adjust. Are you already here now in Poland? In Lodz or Warsaw? Yes, it would be great to meet you some time :)
18 Aug 2017 #18
Crazy Brit Mum, I am back in the UK now but will be visisting Lodz shortly. We normally come every three months or so. It would be great to catch up! I admire you for putting the kids in the polish schools! I am sure they will do very well and knowing two languages perfectly is priceless. Do you know how we get on a priv here? It may be easier. Cheers! M
Lyzko 42 | 9,091
18 Aug 2017 #19
Three cheers and good luck, then!
27 Aug 2017 #20
Lodz! Run as fast as you can
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
2 Sep 2017 #21
Lodz is great, there are lots of English in Lodz now it seems.

Don't know much about English schools in Lodz though, i'm looking for somewhere in Lodz that they teach Polish to English people.

My Polish is still very rusty.
mafketis 35 | 10,658
3 Sep 2017 #22
in Lodz that they teach Polish to English people

Shouldn't be hard to find, Łódź is where they used to take university students with no Polish (from the third world) and teach them enough Polish in a year to take university classes.

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