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Polish language schools in Krakow

12 Feb 2008 #1
Hi there.

I'm planning to attend an intensive Polish language course over the summer in Krakow, but I'm having difficulty deciding between them. Has anyone been to any of them, or have any recommendations to make on which'd be the best? I plan to spend 6 weeks learning so I obviously want to make sure I end up with a decent school. I'm about an A2/B1 in proficiency.

Thanks a lot :).
12 Feb 2008 #2
check these out:

polish course

good luck and have fun :)
ozdan 8 | 67
12 Jun 2009 #3
I'm also looking for feedback on any courses people have done to learn polish in Krakow. Any tips or advice would be welcome.
Im going to be taking the B course. Hope to see you there!
14 Jun 2009 #4
I did a 2-week course at the language school in Krakow. I thought the teaching was excellent and they also arrange a very interesting cultural programme for you.
ozdan 8 | 67
14 Jun 2009 #5
how about one on one private lessons with a local student or something? is this a potential efficient and cost effective way of learning the language? anyone with such experiences?
plg 17 | 263
18 Jun 2009 #6
Has anyone been to kraków and actually went to school to learn Polish.
Whether it be for a long period or a short period.
And can they recommend the place.
The websites on this page look quite good-cheers
dxx 12 | 108
2 Jul 2009 #7
I heard Glossa was rather good in Krakow.
5 Aug 2009 #8
I have stayed two weeks with Glossa in 2008 (summer course).
I cannot compare with other schools so far. I would say that most teachers were dedicated and very qualified. The lessons were not boring. You will have homework every day, and possibly a test every Friday. There are generally not many students in higher levels, which can be a good thing or not.

The extracurricular activities are not as exciting as the website implies, the atmosphere will mostly depend on you and your fellow students.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
13 Aug 2009 #9
Glossa 's fees for mini group lessons were high , I thought.

950 PLN for 1 week/15 hours in a group + 150PLN ( registration fees, whatever it covers?)
1140 PLN.
I also found all the language schools I looked at charging too much for group lessons ( exept Prolog but they will only do 2 weeks in a row)

If one studys English in England , French in France, German in Germany it is quite cheap and there is a huge competition among schools but in Krakow,it seems different.

Am I wrong?

finally according to my own experience:The very best School in my opinion to learn Polish fast and in a very fun and professionnal way is the School PROLOG Polish for foreigners located on Bronowicka 37 and easy to reach by with the Tram.

Look for the mini group lessons, amazing quality and teaching tools.( the focuss is on communication and oral expression which is great)

Be careful , pay directly at the school Prolog Bronowicka 37 and not a another place located on 58 /5 Bronowicka.
There is some weird company there which advertises over the Internet ( polishcourse .org) which has nothing to do with PROLOG but is located on Bronowicka 58/5 and they will register you for Prolog but will get a commission from what I understood.

I attended Polish lessons at Prolog and was really impressed and happy , teachers are great( MAREK, ISA I don't know how many languages these teachers speak but at least 4), activities are very good too , the Language training is highly professiobnal because the school has published its own method ( Hurra Po Polsku).

Their fees are very reasonable and if you pick up the mini group( 4 or 5 students , you ll have role plays in Polish, hysterical.( we were a mix crowd of English, German, Swiss ,French, Japanese,)

Polish language is really hard, the only way to learn it is in a fun way otherwise it is easy to give up so when after a weak you manage to communicate it is extremely appreciated!

For one to one if you can afford it or if your company sponsors your Language training get a private experienced teacher from the school or if you can't attend the group lessons and prefer a one to one just put an ad on Gumtree or on PL here to look for an experienced teacher ( not some students because Polish Grammar really needs to be explained in a professional way)
8 Feb 2010 #10
Does anyone have more information on this topic? I 'm thinking about taking a two-week class this spring (2010), probably at Prolog.
22 Sep 2010 #11
I am studying at Glossa right now and can recommend it, absolutely.
broforu - | 2
14 Apr 2011 #12
[Moved from]: A cheap and effective Polish language school? Planning to go to Poland.

I know this must have been asked a million times .
But I need to find a language school in Poland that is cheap but effective.
I plan to go to Poland for 3 months in August 2011.

Also could you tell me how the poles deal with foreigners ? Im asian and muslim.
Will this be a problem?
I dont go around advertising or preaching religion & race but neither do I want to keep looking over my shoulder thinking someones going to attack me, vebally or physically.


JonnyM 11 | 2,620
14 Apr 2011 #13
But I need to find a language school in Poland that is cheap but effective

To learn Polish?
broforu - | 2
14 Apr 2011 #14
Sorry. Yes I have started learning Polish a month ago privately.
I was lookinf at
The prices look decent.What do you thinK?
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
14 Apr 2011 #15
It doesn't seem especially cheap - about average prices as far as I know, but certainly looks OK and you could probably do a lot worse than go there.

Here are a few in Krakow - I haven't been personally, but they all have a decent reputation:

Instytut Studiow Polonijnych


International School of Polish Language and Culture in Cracow

Accent School of Polish
szveronika 4 | 10
20 Aug 2011 #16
I was attending the PROLOG 2 weeks intensive course in this August. I'm very satisfied. (I was also on a course 4 years ago in Lublin so I can compare). First we had a test which was a 100 questions test. In the group we were 8 (our group was the biggest) and all of them were on the same level. The course was very intensive, lessons from 9-14. I also had individual lessons in the afternoon.

I learned a lot, we spoke all the time in Polish, it was great. Lot of the students were here not the first time. For one of them it was the 6th time.

I recommend them.
evamiller2002 - | 1
1 Mar 2012 #17

Hi There, I saw your post and really struggling with choosing the right Polish language school. Would you still recommend Prolog? How were the accommodations? Were the facilities ok? Did you like the location? I see that there was another post for a school called "Polish Courses" which I think is a competitor of Prolog and I feel like whoever posted that maybe worked for Prolog to say not so great things about the "Polish Course" school. So I am torn. Both of these schools are in the same price point so trying to decide which one is best. Any comments would be helpful.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
9 Mar 2012 #18
I recommend PROLOG because I had an excellent experience with the quality of teaching, they created the course praised by the European Union called Hurra1, Hurra 2, Hurra 3 etc.

I liked the teachers a lot, i had Marek and Isa. The lessons were dynamic ,fun and interesting. I had mini group lessons and learned a lot.

The best is to contact them directly onBronowicka 37 ul ( students arrive by tram) and pay your course to PROLOG or through the PROLOG website and not to Polish course which is just an agent getting a commission on any school registration.

I did not use the accommodation offer( it should be ok, there was a German lady in my small group who said she was happy with the accommodation but it is quite cheap so i am not sure if it is that great) but i joined one of their free excursions in the afternoon ,it was very good (Nowa Huta with a registered guide /English tour)
GabiDaHun 2 | 152
9 Mar 2012 #19
I am studying at Glossa right now and can recommend it, absolutely.

Looked at the prices here. Ridiculously expensive, regardless of whether the teachers are good or not.

When will the language schools realise that just because we're from "the west" it does not automatically make us all gazillionaries, with our pockets bursting at the seams?

The English language school which I used to work at had a per hour rate at £6.50 to learn English per hour IN LONDON. and a £20 registration fee

The Glossa prices are (for a class of 8) 2180zl for 60 hours , which works out at 36zl per hour, or £7 per hour to learn Polish in Poland. They also have a 50E registration fee.

Polish language schools charge roughly 19zl per hour in Krakow to learn English, or £4 per hour to learn English in Poland.

Students wanting to study Polish here should bare in mind that Polish is NOT a foreign language in Poland, and that earnings here are one third of what they are in the UK, and that in affect all of these language schools are ripping us off. Time to say no!

Polish schools need to realise that they don't just cater for "rich foreigners"... most of their students wanting to learn Polish actually live and work in Poland and earn Polish wages. Their classes need to be priced accordingly.

Language schools like Accent, Glossa, Prolog which teach Polish to Foreigners are ripping us off and deluded. What a joke! A well priced Polish school would find themselves making a ton of cash, from all of us English speakers who are not rolling in it and need to learn Polish to survive here.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
9 Mar 2012 #20
I totally agree but what can we do ? the Polish Course at Jagellonski university is even more expensive and it has zero interraction and purely focussed on Grammar and taught like Latin a dead language.
GabiDaHun 2 | 152
9 Mar 2012 #21
I have some friends studying medicine in Krakow. They say the course provided isn't great, but if you're studying there the lessons are supplementary to your course and you don't have to pay for them.

What can we do? Boycott them, I suppose, until the schools realise they are missing a trick. I met a guy who's "teaching" me Polish, in exchange for English conversation. He's an English teacher himself, so he knows how to teach. I'd love to be able to learn Polish properly for reasonable rates, I just happen not to be a millionaire (like most westerners my age..... LOL!) so can't afford it.
27 Mar 2012 #22
Polish in exchange of English.

Hi, I'm looking for English native speaker, who would like to learn polish in exchange of english lessons.
As you see my english is fare to be perfect but I'm strong motivated.
I have no expirence as polish teacher, but have a lot of mateirals for polish teaching and can answer quick for co-student needs.
I live in Kraków.
Lessons can take place in my home, which is close to Ruczaj. Or if you need, somewhere else in Ruczaj area.

If you are intrested please e-mail me aneta.aki(a)gmail
catsoldier 62 | 595
20 May 2012 #23
Is Prolog a big school? Are there are lot of students attending at any one time? If you don't go with friends would it be a problem?

I was thinking of doing this course also but I worry about how much English will be spoken amongst the students and the teachers etc.

I was also on a course 4 years ago in Lublin so I can compare

Prolog or Lublin? Which is best?
27 Feb 2014 #24
Can you please explain to us why the school you mentioned (which you say can be found online at is, as you stated, "weird"? Do you have any personal experience of the International School of Polish Language and Culture?

GabiDaHun, if your Polish teacher is interested, I will be in Krakow this June and July 2014 and I might be interested in a private exchange of language lessons to supplement my courses at the school I will attend there. I am an American college professor of English language and Literature with a doctoral degree and 20 years teaching experience at the college level.

I am wondering the same thing. Have you heard anything specific about the International School of Polish Language and Culture? I haven't compared their prices with other schools in Krakow, but they are at least helpful and forthcoming in questions I've posed to them by email.
28 May 2014 #25
I can reccomend CLIL they have Polish courses in Krakow, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Warsaw. I had 2 week intensive course last August and will come again, the courses are in small groups and very intensive, we spoke Polish all the time. Teachers: Kasia and Tomek were great:-)
Maluch 30 | 95
31 May 2014 #26
i have heard that too - my gf says language schools charge triple price to Learn Polish!

where did you take CLIL course? they don't even have a website :P
jon357 71 | 21,107
1 Jun 2014 #27
where did you take CLIL course? they don't even have a website :P

No, they just write posts on for a pretending they're satisfied customers.
20 Jan 2015 #28
Anyone from the states recently take a polish language course in Krakow? I'm here for a few weeks and wanted to take some lessons. Private or at a school. Just looking for something with a reasonable rate. Thnx F
eder23eder - | 1
9 Sep 2015 #29
I learned Polish in Krakow in GordeSchool. I took private polish lessons, and i must say - i had a good result! If you want more information u can read there.

Good Luck!
Analinaaaa - | 1
24 Jun 2018 #30
I think that every school has too high prices.
I just can recomend BAMBOO LANGUAGE SCHOOL
You can check here. One semester it is 790 pln and they always have max 6 people in a group. That is the best price, also they don't cheat and 1 hour it is 60 minutes.

polishlanguagecourse pl
bamboolanguageschool pl

Bamboo offer polish courses, polish pof foreigners, english courses and they organise free conversation exchange.

Miodowa 26

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