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About Polish-Japanese Academy

jamil 1 | 1
16 Jul 2017 #1
First, Hi to the all members of this forum :) I am from Azerbaijan and i want to follow my further education (master degree) in Poland in ICT sphere and my previous qualification (bachelor) was Telecommunication engineering . I am really curious about Polish-Japanese academy ( it is a private university ) and it would be better if i heard reviews from native people.

Any kind of suggestion is very useful :)

jon357 67 | 16,839
17 Jul 2017 #2
PJAIT? It's got an extremely good reputation in its field, and some of their students have gone on to achieve great things. It's one of the longest running private educational institutions in Poland and has been offering Masters' and Doctorates for years.

It does well in the rankings too, despite offering a narrow and specialised range of courses.
OP jamil 1 | 1
17 Jul 2017 #3

Huge thanks for replying :) I did many research before looking for specialized universities and put my finger on this on because Japanese have made tremendous progress in ICT and electronics sphere therefore, it would be better study with the combine of polish tradition and Japanese experience :)
jon357 67 | 16,839
19 Jul 2017 #4
Here's the website of the students' association there. There are quite a few international students, so they should be a source of good advice. Whether anyone's checking the contact email at this time of year is another issue:

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