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Jagiellonian university info (types of classes etc.)

mochadot18 17 | 245
15 Apr 2013 #1
I want to know more about Jagiellonian University as I would LOVE to study abroad their for my senior year. My school has no programs associated with Poland so I was wondering how the school is. What type of classes they have. I am a business major. Also how hard is it to get into their, and how hard would it be to do a year their? I was born in Poland and lived their for 4 years before being adopted. I have since lived in the U.S, but have always wanted to go back. I am still a citizen I believe. Any information would be helpful.

Thank you
Monitor 14 | 1,818
15 Apr 2013 #2
Do you speak Polish? Which course do you want to attend there. Give link to website of university with the name of the course, so we may help you finding more information about it. When you ask how hard it is to get there, do you mean bachelor studied in business or something else? How would you like to study here, does your American university has a cooperation with UJ? When it comes to business, SGH in Warsaw and UW are the best I guess. Kraków is a nice students city.
1 Sep 2013 #3
Merged: English-taught bachelor's at Jagiellonian university

Hello friends,

I am interested in studying one of the new English-taught bachelor's at Jagiellonian university.

Is there anyone who could tell me about the level of education at Jagiellonian university and how good its English-taught programs are?

Is there anyone who is studying one of the English-taught bachelor's/masters/PhD programs? Any recommendations/suggestions?

Do you think that a degree from that university is well-recognized in Poland and in the European Union?

Thanks to all!
1 Sep 2013 #4
Polish degrees don't have much value outside of Poland. If you want to study in English, go to English speaking countries or to Scandinavia or even to Holland where a lot of Britons study since about 10 times cheaper than in GB (huge % of Britons for instance at Maastricht University) and where 1. the English used is real English (and not Polglish) and 2. the degrees are better recognized. If you want low cost studies in Poland, you won't get more than a low cost degree. There is no secret!

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