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Coming to the University of Information Tech and Management in Rzeszow

31 Jul 2016  #1
Next year I plan on entering the "Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania w Rzeszowie" on the programming specialisation,
so I would appreciate if someone could give me some insight info about pros and cons of this university.

The thing's im very curious about teaching staff and level of teacing in comparison to other Poland universities.
If you are a current student, how (hard) is studying for you? Are you satisfied with the level of teaching, curriculum, etc? I was told stories about talented students getting well-paid jobs even before graduating, is this true?

And ultimately, would you advice entering this university? If i wanna study on Polish, what should my level be like and what is the best way of getting that level within limited time?

Also i would like to know about the city, how big it is, how much stay there would cost, are there
any opportunities to get the job there after graduating/part time job or I would have to move elsewhere.

Thank you in anvance for answering my questions.
Looker - | 1,010
11 Aug 2016  #2
I read some opinions about this school and in general they are quite positive. Let me quote one of comments (translated from Polish)

If you are interested in computer science then I honestly recommend the programming specialty. Each class is performed in a fantastic way, mega interesting. I appreciate this university very positively, high level of learning, it meets all expectations.

In regard to a job for talented students. There's of course a chance to get some scholarship, or even a job before graduating, but I wouldn't count on it. Polish language is mostly required and, as I read, you just intend to study it. And this is not an easy task. Very hard to grasp it in a "limited time". Check maybe those threads, maybe you'll come across some good hints:
And some info/thoughs about life in Rzeszow:
11 Aug 2016  #3
Thank you a ton for the info, Looker, thought this forum was already dead.
ankursharma554 - | 1
15 Oct 2016  #4
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hii i want to ask about university of information technology and management in rzeszow how it is for overseas about Physiotherapy course future in poland.i can i get part time job in rzeszow during my study.
DominicB - | 2,660
16 Oct 2016  #5
i can i get part time job in rzeszow during my study.

Not a chance. Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never earn a single penny during your stay in Poland. If you can't pay 100% for your study and stay from your savings or from your family, forget about studying in Poland.

how about Physiotherapy course future in Poland

Very poor, and non-existent for Indians. Poland produces all the physiotherapists it needs, and has plenty left over to export to richer Western countries.

Basically, there is nothing in your post that indicates that coming to Poland would be a good idea for you. Quite the opposite.

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