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Animation courses to study at Polish universities

sandeepkumar 1 | -
13 Aug 2009 #1
This is sandeepkumar from india i came from very poor family,iwant to study and work in poland,but i dont know about poland universities and colleges.i want study in animation courses(2d&3d).i need some valuable information.i have 2years job experience in 3d animation
bobchick - | 1
28 Feb 2010 #2
Hei Sandeep
How are you? Are you in Poland or still in India?


8 May 2011 #3
Merged: Studying animation in Krakow?

Hi there!

I'm a student from SPAIN and I would really like to know where to study ANIMATION or film-related studies (BA or MA) in KRAKOW.

I tried looking at the universities websites, but I couldn't really find any useful information on this.

Thanks in advance,

gumishu 13 | 6,063
8 May 2011 #4
I don't think they teach film animation in Kraków - your best bet is £ódź with its cinematographic school - - £ódź is less then two hours by train from Warsaw (film animation is not an every-day curriculum in universities in Poland or elsewhere)
Anantha Raju
10 Feb 2017 #5
Hello am from India and am looking for a 3D course in Poland.
Please help me out

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