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Rental market in Warsaw, are prices increasing or decreasing? (2 room apartment)

Chris1977 1 | 6
1 Feb 2012 #1

I was just wondering if the rental market in Warsaw is increasing or decreasing at the moment? I know mortgage lending is down and this normally has a direct correlation with an increase in the rental market and avg prices.
1 Feb 2012 #2
Renting what exactly?
OP Chris1977 1 | 6
1 Feb 2012 #3
Well that's say for example a 58sq feet 2 room apartment with bathroom and separate kitchen, on the outskirts of Warszawa, say Mysiadlo area.
kamilwarsaw86 - | 2
5 Feb 2012 #4
Chris, I would say rental prices are decreasing especially now in winter, when there is much lower demand from students who normally start to look for accomodation around summer holidays. But why are you asking? Are you going to rent a flat yourself?
8 Jun 2014 #5
Merged: Finding 4 bedroom accommodation in Warsaw

Hi, I and 3 of my friends are looking to move out together in September. We where thinking of perhaps finding an place made for a larger family etc so we could get the 4 separate bedrooms. We don't mind living in a high rise as long as building is clean, respectable looking and the neighbours and area are safe. Ideally we are looking for somewhere near ursynow and surrounding regions but any where that is easy to get to ursynow by public transport in less than 45 minutes is ok. Our budget is around 3000zl per month to include as many bills as possible. We would be prepared to do a bit of furnishing ourselves if there was a discount on the rent and landlord could keep furniture at end of our stay. If the place is suitable we want to stay there for 4 and a half years.

Does anyone know the best place to start looking for a place like this, (does not have to be english speaking as I have polish speakers to translate for me)

Thanks in advance,

jon357 75 | 22,573
8 Jun 2014 #6
Gumtree Warszawa is your best bet. Don't forget to check the box to say that you're looking for ads placed by the owner rather than by agents (although some agents pretend).

5 room flats are rare though - 4 room ones are more common.

easy to get to ursynow by public transport in less than 45 minutes is ok

That's anywhere near the metro really.
8 Jun 2014 #7
Thanks very much, how much do agents roughly charge do you know?
jon357 75 | 22,573
8 Jun 2014 #8
A month's rent, most of them. And there's always a deposit.

It's usually better to deal direct with the owner if you can. I can recommend Gumtree though - best to check it regularly as the best (or most unusual, like a 4 bedroom flat) tend to go quickly.

Watch out though for people who advertise 4 bedrooms but in fact mean 3 bedrooms and a bed in the living room - unless that's what you want.
jahedul - | 1
30 Apr 2015 #9
Merged: Small office & Sales Executive Required - what salary in Warsaw, Poland? Cost of a 2 room flat per month.

Dear Members,
I want to start a trading company in Poland.
To do so Initially I want to take a 2 room small office in Warsaw where I can stay and manage my business in the initial stage. I also need a sales executive.

Would you advise what can be the cost of a 2 room flat per month and salary of a sales executive per month?

Would appreciate any reply
30 Apr 2015 #10
Here is a link to offices for rent in Warsaw.
hope this will help

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