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What are possible price ranges (rent) for studio and 1 bedroom apartments in Krakow?

Zloty 6 | 16
20 May 2011 #1

I'm new to the board. I just got accepted to Jagiellonian University for this fall. Looking for an apartment or studio in Krakow is a task in itself with many different sites to explore. I have a more general question. What are the price ranges for either a 1 bedroom apt or studio apt?

I found a site where there are apartment listings; just to get an idea. I found a studio apt for 1,100 zloty/month, and 1 bedroom apartments around 1,300 zl/month. It was really nice looking with modern amenities. I told this to a friend of mine. He gave me the idea that I could probably get a place even cheaper. I didn't give this much thought until he said that. So, I guess more specifically, are there descent places I could get for cheaper that 1,100 zl/month?
Olaf 6 | 956
26 May 2011 #2
As far as accommodation in Krakow is concerned, the kind you are looking for should be around 1000 - 1300 PLN. A cheaper one is possible, true, but rather further from the centre, in remote parts of Krakow. You could get a place for 600 in Nowa Huta, but I wouldn't advise this. You''' be facing ***** of a commute and it's not nice as the centre.
27 Oct 2014 #3
[Moved from]: Flat sharing in Krakow - price of one room

Hello, i have job offer in Krakow.

Could you write me, how much cost 1 single room in Krakow? With all fees.

My gross sallary will be 5200 PLN, im not a specialist, so i think this salary is good?? (This could be about 3700 net)

Thank you and have a nice day :)
superuser1999 12 | 41
27 Oct 2014 #4
a room in Krakow is around 800-900 zloty per month i would guess. bills are around 100 more.
27 Oct 2014 #5
Thank you superuser ;) Could you recommand me any site's with room offers?
istannbullu34 1 | 105
1 Feb 2015 #7
Merged: Moving to Krakow, 1100 PLN rent for studio

Hello everyone,

I am moving to Krakow soon after living in Lodz for some time.

I found a nice flat with 40 square meters in a new building close to Uniwersytet Jagielloński campus in the south part of Krakow. It is going to be around 1500 including all bills and administration fees. I was paying 1100 PLN all included here in Lodz (which is actually is not in very good condition), so what would you say about this amount for the studio in Krakow, is it too much or acceptable? I want to take comments as whatever I could find from OXL and other sites have generally similar prices.

Also another question is about zameldowanie, could anybody tell me which adress should I go for adress registration in Krakow? I checked it and I see there are a few buildings of Urzad Miasta in Krakow..

Thanks in advance.
DominicB - | 2,709
1 Feb 2015 #8
It is going to be around 1500 including all bills and administration fees.

You're going to have a very hard time finding anything cheaper than that in a good area of Kraków. Take it. It's a deal.

Yes, Housing in Kraków is much more expensive than in £ódź.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
1 Feb 2015 #9
It is going to be around 1500 including all bills and administration fees

Kraków is more expensive than £ódź. Check this article:

Krakow is the second largest academic center in Poland. But in the ranking of the cost of renting, Warsaw and Wroclaw is ahead. Both demand and supply are maintained at a high level here. Cheapest apartments for rent are in Nowa Huta district and Prokocim. Renting a studio in Nowa Huta costs monthly approx. 900 PLN, respectively 3-room apartment can be rented for 1400 PLN, and Prokocim for 1375 PLN. More than twice as expensive is in the Old Town, Downtown and Grzegórzki.
istannbullu34 1 | 105
1 Feb 2015 #10
Yes, it looks like that.

Thank you so much for the comments, especially that article was very useful.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
2 Feb 2015 #11
It is going to be around 1500 including all bills and administration fees.

That's a very good deal for Krakow. I lived in Krakow - now in Lodz (so went the opposite way to yours :) ) and I can tell you that 1500 all in is something you should not take too long to think about.

Uniwersytet Jagielloński campus

If am not mistaken, that's bang in the centre of Krakow. Just another reason to take the flat for 1500.
istannbullu34 1 | 105
2 Feb 2015 #12
I heard generally bad comments about Lodz from my Polish friends before coming here but actually it is not a bad place. For me, it is just very dark and I do not feel very good, could not get used to it. Maybe after living in Trojmiasto for some years, Lodz was not very attractive for me.

Actually it is not the very center but it takes around 20-25 minutes with tram, around this Debniki area.

Thanks Romek, looks like a good deal after getting all the comments, and as I had a chance to have short trip around the neighborhood, looked very nice to me and I rented the place.

Hope I will have good time there.
3 Dec 2015 #13
Merged: Apartment rental price in Krakow


As I am moving to Krakow, I am looking for furnished 1-bedroom apartment/studio in a center location (near market square, near train station or near the river;-)) or in Bronowice.

What would be a reasonable price?
riobom 1 | 4
18 Mar 2016 #14
Merged: Renting a Studio in Krakow - English

Hey guys!

I will probably be moving to Krakow soon and I'm trying to find some nice studio to rent and live for a while.

"Ok, use google"!

I did, of course! The problem is that I don't really understand Polish, at least for now. I found a very few sites in english but they all seem to be asking outrageous prices for long term rentals of small studios.

What's your advice on how to search the web for properties for rent? And again, in english please. I promise that as soon as I get there I'll make it a priority to learn the language. :)

What would you guys think would be a good price for a small modern studio near the center of Krakow?

Thank you in advance, everyone!


And also, I'll be working in Krakow Business Park. How are the transports between it and city center?

Thanks again!
InPolska 11 | 1,821
21 Mar 2016 #15
@Riobom: also realize that the no.1 problem you'll have is to find an owner willing to rent to a foreigner. If you come from the 3rd world, it will be almost impossible so I'd advize to seek help from your employer who might be able to assist you in finding something.

Unfortunately people in PF are completely naive or blind (or rather both). They never realize that finding a Polish owner willing to rent to a foreigner is very difficult and to rent to a non white, non catholic is almost impossible.

Good luck as you'll need it! :)
21 Mar 2016 #16
On the other hand, some landlords would prefer a foreign tenant as they tend to earn more money and will leave the property at some point.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
21 Mar 2016 #17
maybe when they deal with .... North Americans or Europeans but most unlikely with someone from the 3rd world. I doubt that Pakistanis, Indians, Bengladis, Nigerians and the like .. have it "easy" when trying to rent from Polish owners.

I personally know one Polish woman who for instance refuses to rent to Asians because their "cooking stinks". She once had expats from Korea and she says she had to repaint the whole flat because the walls .. stank of their cooking ;). From then on, the (educated, well off and with closest relatives in America) woman only has rented to Poles and to Westerners. Yes, this is one example that I know of but I am convinced she is not the only Pole thinking and acting this way ;)
riobom 1 | 4
21 Mar 2016 #18
@InPolska Well, I'm from Portugal. A very caucasian, european and catholic country, so I guess we can rule that out as a problem.

Anyway, I've been searching for studios in gumtree with the godlike help of Google Translate and I've come across some very good ones

I thank you both for the insight but I was wondering if you could give me an actual answer to my questions. :)
22 Mar 2016 #19
Riobom: Studio/1 bedroom flat will be anywhere between PLN 1500 and PLN 2500 a month, depending on location and condition.
The quoted price includes expenses such as heating and electricity. Gumtree is a good starting point for looking for a flat.

Krakow Business Park is rather far away from the city center. One option would be to get a flat in Bronowice, it's sort of in between KBP and Rynek. Have a look at a map and use google street view to get an idea of how that's looking like. Bronowice is a "newer" district of Krakow in that sense that many buildings are recent and in a good condition. Also, there must be a tram taking you straight to the center.

Boa sorte!
Nojas 4 | 110
22 Mar 2016 #20
Gumtree works but perhaps domgratka is a bit better since you can search via map and see available apartments in your area of interest. Minus is that it's mostly or only advertised by agents who will take commission (usually a month worth of rent) if you decide to rent.

The business park lies in a suburb /village outside the city. It has it's own train station so easiest is to take the train from central main station or bus if you live in like Bronowice.

So if you choose to live central or south, you need to get yourself to central station and take train from there. It's quite full of SSC's out there so you'll join a lot of commuters.

They are building a massive amount of apartment complexes all over the city so it's easy to find a newly built apartment to rent if that's what you are interested in.

Personally I prefer the south side of the city over the north but both have nice areas. The south would give you longer commute (likely tram or bus to city centre and then train to kbp).

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