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Tips wanted: renting apartment in Poland - student is looking for a flat

KristinOnTour 1 | -
16 May 2016 #1

I will be studying in Krakow from October 2016. I figured it will be the tie where a lot of students are looking for a flat, so I am hoping you could give me some tips.

I am looking for a single room in a shared apartment, furnished and equipped with all necessities. Prefarably close to the center or in an area from where it's easy to get there.

So I have following questions for you:
1) How much do you think I should prepare to spend?
2) I dont speak enough polish yet to negotiate or even speak with an owner. Will it be possible to find a flat only in english language or should I take some polish friends to help me with translation?

3) Is it better to rent through an agency or directly from the owner?
4) How do contracts usually work in shared apartments, are all people who are renting equal and have the contract directly with the owner or is it usual (like in germany) that there is one main tenant and the others have to figure out the ocntract with them?

5) When is it a good time to start looking for apartments, when I need it in September?
6) any other must-knows or must-considers that I should be aware of?

Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it a lot!
sam6 1 | 25
18 May 2016 #2
Questions important and logical, I wish I could help

I hope that friends help

I wish every success in your studies
24 May 2016 #3
1) You should prepare to spend around 700 to 900 PLN (130 - 150 GBP) per month, depending on what bills are included.
you can try to check google translate on this page:
but prepare the price may rise in September for the reasons you pointed out.
2) Should be possible (probably you can even find some ads on gumtree in English) but you will be limiting your options greatly. If you have some friends that could help I would recommend to ask them for help :)

3) That depends what is "better" for you :) It may be little bit more expensive renting from the agency (due to their fees), but probably safer for you, especially if the potential owner doesn't speak English. Renting directly from the owner always involves bit more risk, depending on what person you are dealing with. It may be absolutely fine, but you may also be unlucky.

4) Officially there should usually be the first case (contract directly with the owner) but in reality you may encounter both I guess.
5) I would say start one month to two weeks in advance. Although from the experience I know, that apartments in Krakow might get taken literally an hour after they appear at this time of the year.

6) Nothing particular comes to my mind at the moment :) I guess find someone you can trust and rely on, who could help you a bit, as some people (who think all foreigners are rich) may try to take advantage of you.
27 May 2016 #4
Merged: Website to Rent an apartment for holidays (1 month, Warsaw)


I am trying to find good websites other than airbnb to rent an apartment for 1 month in Warsaw, some people suggested gumtree, but it's not convenient since it's in Polish and most of the offers are for long term rents.

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