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Rental agreement in Poland - is it valid if I don't sign in? Seeking advice.

11 Aug 2015 #1
I communicated with a landlord following an advert on the website looking for a room , and I met him on the skype yesterday then we agreed verbally about the rent and the deposit but they promised to send the contract by email and they emailed the draft of the contract to my email with a regulation , and I sent back an email to them as follows : { Thank you for your email and the drafting files attached to this email .

As per spoken yesterday , Our understanding that the contract should go through the following procedure as follows :

Sending my personal details needed to form a contract.
Signed and filled in contract by the Owner/s of the property,
Then scanning and emailing to me the filled in and signed contract accordingly ,
Then I shall print off the contract from my end
Scanning the form then emailing it back to you .
Confirmation of receiving such form
Emailing you Bank details to send the deposit
Please could you specify the personal details that you need me to send in order for you to fill in and sign such contract .

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Kind Regards} ,

then after reading the draft of the contract , bear in mind that such draft was not signed by the owner or completed , Would the owner be able to claim that there was a contracted being formed , despite the fact that I did not sign it or emailed it at all ? after reading the translated forms into English I discovered lots penalties and restrictions , in which i did not like , then I sent an email telling them that I disagree with the terms and conditions and do not with to proceed further . , the question would he claim that a contract was formed and would he be able to impose penalty of paying all of the 12 months the term of the contract that was not signed ??? Please could you help
terri 1 | 1,663
11 Aug 2015 #2
If you did NOT sign a contract, then the contract is not valid. Do NOT sign anything that you disagree with.
He cannot claim anything from you. Please make sure when you communicate with him (in writing) to state that you do NOT wish to proceed.
Pol attorney 2 | 106
24 Aug 2015 #3
There are some specific rules pertaining to the formation of contracts via email communication, however from what you have said so far, it's quite clear that the rental agreement was not concluded or signed in your case.

I am a lawyer based in Poland, so I would be able to help you with your case.

Contact: send me a private message on the forum

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