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Property Searching by Name in Skrzypne Poland

25 Sep 2019 #1
Hello! I am trying to research the property my family owned in Skrzypne Poland. We do not know the address of the property they owned and there were a few lots and a farm. I believe they sold some of the land, but we would love to see where it was someday. Is there anyway to search this by their name? Could someone give me a phone number for a city building in Skrzypne where we could call and ask for this information? My wife speaks Polish, but has much difficulty reading or writing in Polish. We would even be interested in hiring an investigator if that is also an option. We just don't know where to start. Any advice would be much appreciated!
argen - | 33
5 Dec 2019 #2
Hi do you have any documents regarding this family or have any othe details about their place of leaving. Normally there shoudn't be the problem to find the address but you have to search a lot and probably check the archives. If you need any hepl in this matter you can contact with my on priv. I will check can I help you?

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