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Is an inheritance decision by the court automatically registered in Poland Land Registry?

rysia21 3 | 7
14 May 2011 #1
The court in Breszko made a decision regarding land inherited by his heirs. Does this decision automatically get posted in the Land Registry, We are looking to sell the land so we want to make sure everything is done properly.
matthew2012 - | 3
18 May 2012 #2
Hi everyone!

I am interested in exactly the same question, which is still unanswered. I inherited an apartment in Warsaw. Is the ownership change automatically added to the land registry? I have the lot number of the house where it is located, which I checked in the online registry. It gave apartment lot numbers for about half of the apartments in that house but not mine, so I wasn't able to check if my name had been registered or not. The land registry don't seem to be able to help either. They can't seem to find the apartment lot number itself - only the house lot number. It's all very confusing. I'd really appreciate any advice on all of this.

Thanks in advance,
peterweg 37 | 2,311
18 May 2012 #3
You have to make the changes yourself. If you don't do it properly you will end up with a big tax bill and other problems.
matthew2012 - | 3
18 May 2012 #4
Thanks so much, peterweg! I'm a Polish citizen and it is my permanent place of residence so is there really a tax bill? Inheritance was in 2008. I have done nothing since but am keen to take care of this situation asap. I assume I need to send the will and other documents to the land registry but not sure where to start as the entire process is very confusing.
peterweg 37 | 2,311
18 May 2012 #5
You should have already got the paperwork from the court. It is automatic, my wife got a letter, but without going to court I don't think you own it.

Do you have a will? And because you have waited so long there maybe a big tax bill.
matthew2012 - | 3
18 May 2012 #6
Yes, I have a will and it was enacted. There was a meeting at the notary office where everyone signed various documents and from then on, I was told that I own the apartment. I am somewhat confused though as to what to do next as there doesn't seem to be a record of the apartment at the land registry. The system in Poland is quite confusing.

However, the office that collects the house common cost has my correct name written alongside the apartment already. Sorry, I just don't understand how these things work.

Thanks again for your help!
22 Jul 2018 #7
i believe i read it on one of those polish law sites
that you individually need to fill out a form with some documentation and pay a fee to have the property entered in the book under your name
gjene 14 | 204
25 Nov 2018 #8
I have an aunt who admitted to owning some property in Poland. But she has lied to me before and won't admit to it and has been known to keeping secrets. Would the Land registry be of any help if I was to give them her name and parents names and the approximate area where this property might be located. She is at that stage where she thinks she is going to drop dead any time soon and I would like to make attempts at finding out if she actually owns anything or not. I am not sure if she has a will or not and if so, if she made any reference to the so called property. Also, she has no children of her own and my other aunt and her children have no interest in the old country or even going for a visit. So far, I am the only one interested in trying to locate said property and determining if she still owns it or not and what can be done to make sure they have a current address on file if she does own the property.

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