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Looking for a flat pack house company in Poland

graemeh 1 | -
3 Oct 2012 #1
Hi, my Polish partner and I have just purchased 2000m2 of land near Wroclaw and we are looking for a company who produce and build flat-pack houses.

Whilst the internet is full of them I would like to get a feel for the market, especially if someone here had used such a company and is willing to recommend them, or not as the case ay be.

What price did you pay/sq m, and to what standard of finish?


jon357 71 | 20,410
3 Oct 2012 #2
Some of these may be interesting for you. The idea is not new in Poland and there are plenty of companies that do it.

Google "domy z paczki"
Avalon 4 | 1,068
3 Oct 2012 #3
Standard of finish? How long is a piece of string?

You can go from a log cabin to a "HUf House", it depends on your finances.

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