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Details about purchasing a land for commercial use in Poland

23 Jan 2016 #1
Hi all,
first, thanks for your attention.
I'm interested to buy a land that has already the permission for commercial use.
The seller and buyer are both Sp.zo.o. company, I've already the permission to buy this land, but what I want to be sure is that there won't be any obstacle to build when the land is under my property. From the agency, the info that I've gotten is that all procedure is just a matter of time and there won't be any issues with the permission to build.

Now, I've got a general idea about the sequence of this procedure (from purchasing preliminary contract to build permission).
But I would like to know the details, expecially which part of the documents that demand most time in order to obtain and if there is any real trouble to get it.

Thanks for your time and sorry for my english, which is not my main language.
Harry84 1 | 80
23 Jan 2016 #2
Hi Yanz,

Can you confirm that, for what purpose are you planning to buy the land ? Like for IT, Industry, etc ..
If you are planning to by commercial land for IT company then I can suggest you that prefer near airport.

polishinvestor 1 | 362
23 Jan 2016 #3
Nothing ever is a formality in Poland until you have it on paper. Its possible the estate egent is right, but quite possible that they will say anything to secure the sale as they are no longer accountable after the akt is signed at the notariusz.

If you are not buying land with building permission already secured (pozwolenie/warunki na budowe) I would contact the gmina/local council office and see what they have to say about your plans. Take all projects and architects plans with you. They wont be able to give you permission to build on someone elses land (which it still is) but you will have a good idea of the likelihood of getting permission to do what you want to do. You will likely have to contact the starostwo as well as they will probably be the ones that sign off your building. Your architect or firm involved would generally handle all of this so I would speak to them.
OP Yanz
27 Jan 2016 #4
Hi there, thanks again for the answers.
@polishinvestor The land in purpose has already the pozwolenie/warunki na budowe, and is marked also on the preliminary contract. To be sure I'll consult a lawyer and ask everything about it.

As for now the documents that they provided me include "wypis i wyrys z miejscowego planu zagospodarowania przestrzennego","wypis z rejestru gruntów","odpis zwykły księgi wieczystej" ,a base map and a more detailed map that shows also the canalization of gas, energy,water services. About this detailed map, isn't such details just showed up inside "mapa do celów projektowych"? Thanks for your patience.

@Harry84 Thanks for the purpose, but is not meant for IT company, the building will mainly used for wholesale companies.

Warm regards,

Harry84 1 | 80
1 May 2016 #5
your welcome Yanz,

Did you setup your business ? or still you are in process to do it.

Let me know if you require any help.


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