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Building a house in Poland need advice from anyone that has built

Roger5 1 | 1,458
10 Jul 2016  #91
what would I have to do to be able to do that?

Register the land as your own in the land registry.
Apply for planning permission.
Submit architect's plans.
Wait some more.
Find a qualified building manager who can sign off on every stage of the build.

Or can I just bring my tools and start building a house without anybody bothering me about it?

This is not Burkina Faso.
adamm19830 10 | 43
10 Jul 2016  #92

I (UK citizen) will be building a house on land in Piland in the near future. I will be buying a "project" from a developer and have them finish the house leaving just the internal finishes. It's such a good way of doing things in my opinion.
polebuilder 2 | 9
11 Jul 2016  #93
Ah thanks... That's too many steps which will probably cost as much as the land itself. :-)
Peter woodhead - | 1
1 day ago  #94

Help and Advise needed

my Polish wife and i ,Englishman HAVE PURCHASED A PLOT OF LAND 2 YEARS AGO and our dream is to buy a project and have it built for the future of our family home.

I am looking for advice on the building process from the beginning to end including
estimated costs of
1 :archaeological survey , i believe has to be done , to ensure the land is not some kind of ancient burial site of importance.
2: builder survey to decide on the structure of the foundation of any building.
3:finding a reputable Builder.
4: Getting credit to finance the home build .
5:any time factors for example: how long after credit is agreed does the construction have to begin.
We know very little about the process but really think our future is in Poland so any advice is greatly appreciated .
23 hrs ago  #95
My advice before taking up such a project is to rent near where you want to live, looking for and obtaining the services of trustworthy people is a lottery, once people find out you are from the west the price increases. Watching workers consume alcohol on the job can be nerve wrecking, suggest look for a established place and have it checked out, further dealing with the local authorities is time consuming, long and can be a nightmare. good luck anyway

Home / Real Estate / Building a house in Poland need advice from anyone that has built
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