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ANGELCITY apartments - Krakow. Looking for fit-out options.

DaniB 1 | 12
22 Sep 2008 #1
We have bought an apartment in the Angelcity development in ul Warszawska, Krakow and are looking at fit-out options.

We would be interested to hear comments from others in the same boat - there are some 350 apartments! I have posted a message on the same subject under the 'Advice on interior fit-out company - Maamdom or Joshua Mills...' heading of 'Real Estate in Poland' topic.
andy b 4 | 156
23 Sep 2008 #2
I can recommend Joshua Mills, but will also send you a PM with details of two other companies/individuals who do finishing works and can be used for comparison
margaret - | 6
20 Mar 2009 #3
Hello, with regards your fit out. we have bought a few apts in oak terrace, debowe tarase in katowice and we designed and fitted out three, to date. we are a joint irish polish set up, the designers being irish, while the fit out guys are from poland, we can send you details of what we have done to date with prices for design, design and fit out or even just fit out, if you already have your design.

i hope we can be of assistance
many thanks

john is my email address is our web site
25 Mar 2009 #4
halo Margaret

do you do fit-out in other cities, I have my units in Gdynia and some of my customers as well.

if you can send me some details.
r1a - | 5
21 Sep 2009 #5

we used an Estate Agent called DKM who recomended their fit out company, they were a bit more expensive, but worth it as they let the property within 3 days of hand over! we had been guided 2 - 3 months as an expected time frame to find tenants.

good luck Richard (
Krakowfitout - | 8
26 Jun 2010 #6

We offer a comprehensive fit-out service for apartments in and around Krakow.

Click the link to view our offers Krakow fitout.

Yours faithfully.
Cozy Living - | 1
28 Mar 2011 #7
To whom it may concern,

Please have a look at

A new astablish company with many year's of experiance.

We have been doing apártment fit out for good few years, all around Irland, Uk, Denmark
and Poland.

We offer 3 apartment packages , bronze, silver and gold.

We also do apt fit out for individual persons and adjust the cleints individual needs.

We proveide our own range of accessories and furniture, so this will save you money :)

So please do not hasitate to contact us. or at

kind Regards

Izabella Korpak Wozniak
simontweddle8 - | 2
18 Nov 2011 #8
We provide fitout services in all major Polish cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Poznan, Lodz etc) ... check out sim property group for more info
officeman - | 1
9 Feb 2012 #9
We provide interior fit out jobs, Office refurbishment and Office space planning to various corporate officers by connecting office movers with all the suppliers through fit out contract in London,UK.Thanks
pantsless 1 | 267
10 Feb 2012 #10
id seriously recommend asking for references of anyone youre considering hiring to do any kind of finishing work. and i mean "references" by not just looking at some random before/after photos, but by talking to people and actually seeing the finished work yourself.

a lot of the workmanship is beyond appalling. i call them "one-meter jobs", from a distance everything looks nice but if you get any closer you'll immediately see how crappy it was done.

ive found only one,1, uno, jeden guy out of... dozens... maybe hundreds of different companies... who i could even consider recommending, and all he does is kitchens and only in Krakow.

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