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Is a Visa required for a Polish person traveling to Vietnam?

Anglik1 2 | 56
4 Dec 2011 #1

Could someone tell me if a Visa is required for Polish people traveling to Vietnam, and if so can this be obtained once in Vietnam?
Vincent 9 | 891 Moderator
4 Dec 2011 #2
I'm assuming as Poland is in the EU, the information on this site applies to every EU citizen. It may be worth sending an email to find out for sure.
OP Anglik1 2 | 56
4 Dec 2011 #3
Many thanks, the link is very useful!
szymek1 - | 2
10 Dec 2011 #4
I will be going there soon, as we are in EU, you might obtain visa upon arrival for 30 days.
Zhoumin - | 1
17 Oct 2013 #5
Yes, Vietnam visa is required for Polish citizens.
You may apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Poland:

Embassy of Vietnam in Warszawa, Poland

Address: UL Resorowa 36 02-956 Warszawa, POLAND
Phone: (4822) 651 6098
Fax: (4822) 651 6095

or apply a visa on arrival via vietnamvisabooking. at lower cost.
10 Jul 2015 #6
Yes, Polish citizens are required a visa for Vietnam. Vietnam offers Visa On Arrival at airports to Polish citizens provided that you have to enter Vietnam by plane and present visa approval letter from Immigration Department. In case you enter the country by road or by sea, you are suggested to obtain full visa at any embassy of Vietnam overseas.

You can find out more details at

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