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on touring in Europe

f stop 25 | 2,513
9 Sep 2010 #1
a fun piece of prose I wanted to share. It depicts, in a humorous way, why the world at large likes gypsies, and Russians, and Ukrainians, and alcoholics... and vagabonds of all kinds - mostly because they don't judge others, and they don't sweat the small stuff.

While you're at it, listen to the music and make an effort to make others feel better, not worse.
Viva diversity!

I'll just keep on going:
20 Oct 2010 #2
That was a nice posting. I am the Queen of the Irish Gypsies in America, Zencali. I thought the president of France was just horrible to kick out the gypsies. But now look he is getting his karma with all of the riots going on. And of course the gypsies will just come back eventually. I loved seeing the gypsies in France and other places in Europe such as Crete, Greece. I made another posting on this site about an American polish man I had known who was an alcoholic. and yes you are right, people always like that type as well as gypsies but unfortunately we gypsies have a tough life. I have travelled in many places with Renato, a gypsy king of Hungarian/Sicilian/Austrian birth. We only got near Poland and I thought many people there looked like gypsies. I love that part of the world and would like to know if any of you have ever been here to the Southern Coast of Oregon, USA. The Irish gypsy queen invites you and any gypsies to come here.

I made the first posting before I saw the video. It is amazing but I came upon this site by total accident and then I see your video and I believe I already saw you on Youtube about a trip for gypsies. Synchronicity like this always happens to me, The gypsy queen and I always find musicians. Renato was a a musician and lived only for booze and music. I have also written songs about Renato. I would like to see you perform one. Cheers my gypsy king man!!! from Zencali in Southern Oregon Pacific Coast, USA.
OP f stop 25 | 2,513
26 Oct 2010 #3
Hi Zencali,

This is not my video, but couple of links from a band I really like, Gogol Bordello. Check out their song "Alcohol", one of my favorites.

You should e-mail Eugene Hutz (follow the links from and give him your song suggestion. They are currently touring USA. If you have a video performing it, I'd like to see it as well.

BTW, a friend of mine who is a gypsy originally from Bulgaria, told me that proclaiming yourself a king of gypsies was a hoax often played for the authorites, where one person would sacrify themselves so the rest of the group would go free. Many times the title was earned that way.
convex 20 | 3,978
26 Oct 2010 #4
Eugene Hutz

God amongst men.

Gogol Bordello and the Melvins need to go on tour so that I can become a groupy.
OP f stop 25 | 2,513
26 Oct 2010 #5
Closest Gogol's tour is going to get to me is Virginia, and that's when I'm traveling. Bummer.
Have you seen "Everything Is Illuminated"? Eugene is excellent as the Ukrainian guide.
convex 20 | 3,978
26 Oct 2010 #6
Have you seen "Everything Is Illuminated"? Eugene is excellent as the Ukrainian guide.

Yea, good flick, better than I expected.

They put on a good show btw.


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