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Sending a parcel from Poland to Italy

16 Apr 2009 #1
I need to send a large parcel from poland to italy and I was wondering what the safest and most economical way was. please help. I thought about dhl paket international but I don't know if they pick up in Poland. Is the post office a good bet? Or is there another company I could use. The parcel weighs about 30kg.

thank you
pete - | 2
21 Apr 2009 #2

they do this kind of service.
I have don it from UK to Poland, great service
21 Sep 2016 #3
Merged: Extra baggage transport from Poland to Italy

Hello All,

I am living in Poland currently but soon will be moving to Italy. I have some extra baggage (5 to 6 pieces of bags 25 Kg each). By airlines it is allowed to carry max 3 pieces per passenger, but do you know any better option like sending the bags by bus or other transport means? I tried to contact some professional service providers, but they are very very costly! One quote I received was for 1.970 GBP!

terri 1 | 1,664
21 Sep 2016 #4
Look for any small buses/coaches that go from Poland to Italy. There may also be private persons - so look on gumtree.

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