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Moving from Brazil to Poland?

arthurlealpaiva 1 | 1
6 Feb 2013 #1
Hey everyone, i wanna move to Poland this year, and im afraid that i cant stay in the country.
I'm 20, im not graduated, and im trying to learn polish by myself. I'd like some suggestions of good polish courses, how can i stay legally in Poland, anyway...

Every tips gonna be really appreciated.
Nacjonalista 4 | 96
6 Feb 2013 #2
Just wondering why do you want to move to Poland?
OP arthurlealpaiva 1 | 1
6 Feb 2013 #3
Cause of my girlfriend. Her family doesnt let her come here untill she finished her studies, and is kind of impossible only me be going there
ismellnonsense - | 118
6 Feb 2013 #4
lets just make one thing clear

there is nothing in this country for you
poland is a tough place for those with qualifications

you have none

find a girl in brazil
plenty of easy favela girls there
6 Feb 2013 #5
I wish it amazed it me still, to witness the depths some people will sink to do discourage others and to cause pain just from meanness. Unfortunately, it does not. Arthur, everyone has to be somewhere, and the particulars of that somewhere is influenced by no greater factor than your own desire to be there. Staying in a foreign country may not be easy, but when you are in love, easy is subjective. I would like to give you solid advice, but I'm unsure how schengen rules apply to you and your situation. Whenever I was stopped by authorities, and they noticed my overstay, I simply told them I was in Germany or some other country during that time. Try visa journey, and you're sure to find someone in similar straits. Good luck, and remember, advice from the hateful is worse than advice from the ill-informed.
ismellnonsense - | 118
6 Feb 2013 #6
oh dear
still preaching wrong information i see

lets start with your story about overstaying
the standard punishment is a years ban from schengen
and a permanent note on the schengen information system about your previous overstay
not a good idea

your claim that you told them that you were in germany
doesnt matter and is likely to be lies

if you want to stay in schengen
get legal
it is the only way

now lets talk about him
there are people with masters degrees and fluent in polish that cant find work
even in major cities

and you think a non polish speaking foreigner
has a chance
with no education?

dont encourage him

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