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Polish people in Greece

8 May 2013 #1
hello everyone, i cant find any polish communities in Greece, Thessaloniki...
if anyone knows or even better lives in Thessaloniki (Saloniki, Grecja) please let me know :/
Monitor 14 | 1,820
9 May 2013 #2
Poles mostly left Greece, because there is no Job for them. Even the biggest Polish - Greek forum stopped to exist few years ago. But you can try your chance here: (Facebook group "POLACY W GRECJI"),37196,Grecja_i_wyspy_greckie.html?t=1368054130940 (Polish forum about Greece) (maybe there are some couchsurfers in Thessaloniki speaking in Polish or you can host Polish tourists)

In Catholic church in ThessalonĂ­ki you will see probably only older people with they small children perhaps.

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