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Marrying a Polish citizen in India.

abcr 1 | -
22 Mar 2013 #1
hello every one ,

iam an Indian citizen girl friend is Polish citizen and she lives in Poland ..we a are planning to marry in India ..what documents she has to bring along with her to India for a court marriage or register marriage under special marriage act 1956 in India ..

let me know the detail documents list of her and me separately ...

1) my polish girl friend documents
2) my documents

you can email to me
Monitor 14 | 1,820
25 Mar 2013 #2
If marriage is to be done in Polish embassy, then ask there. If in Indian office, then this forum is definitely wrong place to ask for help .
16 Apr 2013 #3
Hi abcr,
She needs to get an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from her local Govt. office in Poland, which should say that Ms. ------ has not been married or is divorced. Get these documents apostilled form Poland. She needs to carry her Birth Certificate also (again apostilled), Copy of her id, her passport. She needs to ne in India for at least a month (will explain later).

Then both of you need to get your an affidavit in India on Rs. 10 or 50 Stamp paper, there is a standard format.
Get all of your(Indian) docs notarized and signed by a gazzted officer.
Then you need to apply at your Local ADM office for marriage. The fee, I think is Rs. 50/- (DO gp to middlemen or crooks, they'll reccmend you to get married under Hindu Marriage Act and will quote you anything from Rs. 20000/- onwards)

When you go to the Local ADM, they would ask for an NOC from the Polish Embassy (that is actually not required because as per Hague Convention) . The guys will try to takeout some money from you but be patient.

as long as all the docs are fine, there shouldn't be any problem.
She has to be in India for at least a month ( I would recommend at least 45 days), because after you apply for the marriage, a notice would be put on asking if any one has any objections. After a month, if there are no objections from anyone, you can get married.

Please feel free to ask any questions...

All the best for your future...

PS: All the documents needs to be translated to English and Apostilled.

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