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Help regarding Polish Work Visa at Delhi Consulate!

Bidrahul 1 | 4    
25 Jan 2018  #1

I just wanted to enquire about the availability of dates for an appointment for visa. I have been trying to book an appointment at the consulate since last month. I have been checking everyday. And also very particularly on Tuesdays (8-9am) and Fridays (3-4pm). I have not yet been able to book an appointment since the site has been saying no dates available until 28th February 2018 all the time. But recently the dates have even gone beyond that. Today the site says No dates until 2018-04-27. The waiting period now has extended by a month. I just wanted to know the best thing I could do in order to be able to book the appointment.

Could you please help me and suggest me what best I could do in order to be able to book an appointment.

Thanks is advance,
Rahul Singha

OP Bidrahul 1 | 4    
25 Jan 2018  #2

[Moved from]: Appointment at polish consulate new delhi

Is there any trusted agency that helps with getting an appointment date at the polish consulate in new delhi ?
DominicB - | 2,602    
25 Jan 2018  #3

No. Any "agency" that promises to help you with this is a fraud. They will take your money and run.

All you can do is wait and keep trying as you are now. There is no magic solution.
OP Bidrahul 1 | 4    
5 Feb 2018  #4


Procedure after getting an appointment date at Consulate

Hello everyone,

Can anyone please tell me what is the process after getting an appointment date at the consulate ? I filled my online form for a work visa with multiple entry and submitted it. The system generated a reference number and also the appointment letter. The appointment letter is in polish so I am not sure if it contains any information about the day when I have to visit the consulate. Can somebody please help me with the procedure going forward. Now is February and the appointment I got is for the month of May.

OP Bidrahul 1 | 4    
11 Feb 2018  #5


Questions regarding interview at Poland's Consulate New Delhi

Can somebody help me with my questions below.

My appointment at the consulate is on the 7th of March, in this I believe I would need to submit my original work permit, support letters etc. On the other hand my wife would be going as a dependent with me, and her appointment is on the 13th of March. For her too, I believe she would be requiring to submit the original copies of the same work permit, support letters etc. The problem is if I submit the original copies at my appointment, she would not have the original copies during her time to submit. So my question is would submitting xerox copies suffice for my wife ?

Regarding the travel medical insurance, I have got a job in Poland, so my application would be for an employment visa. On the consulate site it says "applications for employment visas - the insurance should cover first three (3) months of the intended stay (starting from the date of travel)." Since my wife would be travelling as a dependent with me, will a similar insurance be applicable for her or would it be any different ?

Regarding Proof of financial means , the consulate site says Applicants holding the official invitation (Zaproszenie) registered in Urząd Wojewódzki by the sponsor in Poland or holding a valid work permit in Poland do not need to prove the possession of financial means. Since I hold the work permit, I believe I do not need to provide any proof for this. But the question is will my wife who would be travelling as a dependent with me need to show any proof of possession of her financial means ? if yes, can I show my proof of financial means on her behalf ?

For a dependent , the consulate site says "official invitation (Zaproszenie) registered in Urząd Wojewódzki by the host in Poland covering the whole period of planned trip" is required. Could you please tell me which document serves as an official invitation ? The documents that I posses are the work permit, letter of Intent, and support letters.

For a dependent , the consulte site also says "if the host is not a permanent resident in Poland - personal invitation specifying accommodation details and financial arrangement" is required. I just wanted to know if this would be applicable for us since our host is EPAM which is an organization.
terri 1 | 1,350    
11 Feb 2018  #6

They need to see the originals of all documents. Make sure that they take copies and give you back the originals.
20 Feb 2018  #7

Hello, guys I was also having very hard time to get the slots , as me and my frnd were applying for the student visa , then one genuine agency helped me for taking the slots, they are not at all fraud , they will guide you everything in a proper manner.

If anyone wants help regarding the date then you contact at this mail ID
You guys can trust them.
Harini - | 4    
11 Mar 2018  #8

Hi I can help on work permit or tourism visa slots.
Let me know...thank you

Students visa slots are yet to open do mail me

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