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Polish Community - Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Ania1111 - | 1
15 May 2012 #31
Hi Tye,
There is a huge Polish community in Ireland also and I know few Polish people in recruitment agencies here who might be interested in co-operation with you in this field . In Poland there are many multinational recruitment agencies like Hay, Manpower, Morgan McKinley.

Anyway I am currently looking the job in Dubai (PQ Accountant). In which field you are specialized in?
17 Jun 2012 #32
Merged:Any Polish people in Dubai?

Hi Guys ! I quite fresh to Dubai, just been here 2 months :) looking for Polish community, I mean, friends :) I've got loads of multinational friends and not being nasty, but looking for for few coming from my country :)

I'm based in tecom area
Give me a shout :)

26 Jul 2012 #33
why do you all write in English... :)
anyways, ive been here for over 4 years but right now looking for some Polish company for my 2 year old daughter, so she can practise her language with someone else, except me.. anyone interested to have a play dates over weekends?

10 Aug 2012 #34
I will be goin g to Dubai very soon.Was wondering if there are any Polish people who are also looking for friends.
I am 32,female.
Polsyr 6 | 769
10 Aug 2012 #35
I know a lot of Polish people that live in Dubai...
28 Aug 2012 #36
Dear All

i am Polish /Lebanese married man , i am living in Abu Dhabi and i am a Purchase manager at Al Falah Construction and i am looking for a job , if any one who can help please contact me my Mobil 00971502344592

i am a business administration BS degree holding and i am in uae since 3 years

Moustafa - | 2
22 Dec 2012 #37
Hi, me too looking for polish in Dubai to teach me polish ,I would love to make friends with polish as well, is there any chance to guide me ,thx
Antoni - | 1
23 Dec 2012 #38
You will never be able to find out if there are any Polish people in Dubai unless you contact the Polish Consulate but there is one other way which I did when I was living in Qatar, the neighbouring country to the west. I figured that there must be Poles there because there are Poles everywhere in the furthermost corners of the globe. I took a plain white t shirt and on the front I wrote ' Czesc mam na imie Antoni. On the back I wrote in Polish ' Jesli umiesz przeczytac to co tu jest napisane to zglos sie do mnie osobiscie' Can you believe it that although this sounds like a cheesy way of doing it I actually made friends with a Polish community in Qatar of around thirty people all from different professional backgrounds and all keeping up their Polish traditions there in that islamic country. Imagine that I was in Qatar for seventeen years and was a significant member of the group. Try it! What do you have to lose?
Moustafa - | 2
23 Dec 2012 #39
Hi, thanks a lot for answering me back, I really appreciate it,I already contacted the polish embassy in UAE but they have no idea ,it was really strange for me, anyway your aidea seems really good, I have to try it, it maybe work here as well...thanks again ..I will keep trying .

Best regardes .,
9 Jan 2013 #40
Is Wedel Ptasie Mleczko available anywhere in Dubai? If not is any other brand available offering similar candy?
Karolina Dubai
13 Apr 2013 #41
Dzien dobry Magda,

Prosze o kontakt, jestem w Dubai juz od paru miesiecy i tez szukam znajomych tutaj.
Urodzilam sie w Polsce i przez dlugi czas mieszkalam w Francij, przyjechalam tu aby rozwinanc moja firme. Jeszcze czesto wracam do Francij..... Niestety nie tak czesto jak bym chciala do Polski :)

Nie podaje N° tel ani maila bo nie wiem jak dziala ten forum.....



English please. You can use Polish in translations and in "Rozmowy po polsku" section. Below is the translation.

Hello Magda,
Please contact me. I'm in Dubai for a few months now and I'm looking for friends.
I was born in Poland and I lived in France for a long time. I came here to develop my company. I come back to France often. Unfortunately not so often to Poland

I don't give my number or mail because I don't know how this forum works.

sa11y 5 | 331
13 Apr 2013 #42
Magda, below links to blogs of two Polish women currently in Dubai. You can contact them via their blogs:

Blogs are actually very good way to meet people :-) here is mine...
29 May 2013 #43

I am moving to Dubai in 2 weeks time. It would be great to meet some Polish people in Dubai :) if there are any pls contact me on gruszewska123@gmail
17 Aug 2013 #44
Hi my name is Ola..
Just arrived in Abu Dhabi yesterday and I am looking for some Polish friends:)
Pls email me:
28 Sep 2013 #45
Hi . I'm Ania and I'm looking for a Polish friends in Dubai. I arrived few days ago.
my email :
pamparini - | 1
18 Dec 2013 #46
Hi everyone!
im gong to visit Dubai with my friends at the begining of February 2014. Im looking for Polish speaker who wants to show us around the Dubai. We want to visit some interesting places, know traditions and culture of this place. If you are interested to show us the Dubai or if you know someone who does please contact:

Regards from Poland!!! :)
Gosia Miq
8 Jan 2014 #47
Hi Marcin, I know your post is pretty old but anyway I also live in Tecom and would like to get to know here someone from PL. Let me know if you are still living in Tecom: goshia.miq@gmail
23 Jan 2015 #48

I'm working in Poland, in the company which is currently focused on the expanding export of our products to UAE. We're going to arrive to Dubai this year to meet with our potential contractors. Therefore we're looking for Poles living in Dubai to cooperation about making contacts and organization of business meetings for us in Dubai. Is there someone here, who know about somebody, who can be interested in cooperation with us? I'd like to contact with interested people or with somebody who can help me to find them. My mail:

Best regards!
15 Jul 2015 #49

I'm Polish and for many months already I am struggling to find some job opportunity in UAE relevant to my career experience and skills (Managing Director recently). I have contacted and networked so many people and headhunters and it got in thousands. No result.

Is there anyone here interested in looking at my LinkedIn profile and share her/his honest views on % of may chances to get such an opportunity like being hired in UAE? I am currently located in Poland.

If you think I could do anything for you (I am also a certified coach) let me know please. Helping others is my passion!

Best regards,
Adam - adamkapusta101@gmail
Polsyr 6 | 769
15 Jul 2015 #50
Hi Adam;

Do you have any international work experience, outside Poland?
14 Nov 2016 #51
I know that this topic has already been touched, but I would like to ask anybody about some information and favor. My name is Edwin Nogala and from i think 2 months I'm trying find job opportunity. I graduate Gdańsk University Of Technology (Politechnikę Gdańską, Wydział Oceanotechniki i Okrętownictwa specjalności Budowa Okrętów i Jachtów). I worked in USA and in Poland. This is my linkedin link and right now I'm looking for help. I would like to work in Yacht Ship Industry but I know that it's maybe pretty hard, but I'll be very gratefully for any job opportunity in Dubai. If i'll be there I can look for job in my profession. Please if You Can or have any information. Off course I can send my Resume/CV Cover letter and references.

Z Pozdrowieniami
Edwin Nogala
14 Nov 2016 #52
I completely forgot add my email address : edwinnogala@gmail or ede.nogala@gmail
sam77 - | 1
16 Nov 2016 #53
As-salam àlaykum: Peace be up on you,My name is sam, mechanical engineer arabic men 26 years ,i love anything about Personal development(reading more 20 books at years), traveling , Geek,and working in beekeeping .

i am very happy who meeting new person and practice language
my mother language arabic and i have lesson free who want learn arabic language(you have good chance we will fluent in arabic with me) and i am fluent at French i can help you and now practice english.....i also want learn lot lot polish language because I want to live in Poland

I would like to find somebody serious who would like to practice her/his eng skills over the Skype ,whatapp,viber. Contact me at my mail: learnarabicwithsam@gmail

Ma'assalama(Take care).

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