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Polonia in Brazil?

Zgrabne_Kopyto 1 | 1
4 Mar 2010 #1
Hi Everyone,

My name is Klara, and I am a student from the United States and Poland. I am looking for Polish people in Brazil as part of a research-experience this year. Just got to Rio, and I know that there are many Poles in Curitiba, but I was wondering if anyone on the board is of Polish descent, living in Brazil? I'd love to meet you!

Take care,

Klara Wojtkowska
marqoz - | 195
5 Mar 2010 #2
Hi, Zgrabne_Kopyto, sexy nick. If nobody of your target finds your post. Try, please, with:

...and maybe invite them here.

Good luck
PLAT 1 | 23
5 Mar 2010 #3
yes my name is phillip. i was born in Brasil. but don't live tere anymore.
26 Mar 2010 #4
Hi Klara,

I am doing the same. If you find any good information on this cultural group, can you share with me? I am willing to find what I am learning as well.

22 Jul 2010 #5
I believe I had a great uncle who emigrated from Wilna to Brazil around 1900-1905. I have very little other information about him except that he had brothers who came to the US. I have just begun to look into this.
18 Jul 2012 #6
Hello, I am looking for information about my Polish relatives who emigrated to Brazil from China in the early 1950s. My uncle Zygmunt Lesniewski,his cousin Lucia (Miedwiediew) Obolensky (husband Lenia), her mother Lodzia (Budzynska) Miedwiediew lived in Sao Paulo. I have letters from Sao Paulo through the 1970s.

4 Feb 2013 #7
Hi, my name is Thiago Trzaskos and I live in BRASIL my grandfather and grandmother are from poland, here have many (polacos) in the south of BRASIL I live in Curitiba ParanĂ¡.

Thank you...
1 Aug 2013 #8
I know that my family died in Brazil but would like to know more...dates, etc. Do you have the ability to read any of those kinds of records? Thank you

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
1 Aug 2013 #9
You are probably all familiar with this site, but just in case:
thiago trzaskos
1 Sep 2013 #10

I can try what is the surname of his family? What city did they live?
Buneary - | 1
15 Sep 2013 #11
I'm also from Brazil. I live in Paranagua.

I'm about half Polish. I have the Polish surname, the Polish look, everything!
Spike31 2 | 2,277
21 Mar 2019 #12
There's a Polish village in Brazil, which is over 100 years old, inhabited almost exclusively by Poles who are bilingual and they are still speaking traditional 100 years old Polish. That's just amazing
Miloslaw 9 | 2,922
21 Mar 2019 #13
There are about about 3 million people of Polish descent living in Brazil.
I know there is quite a large community in Porto Alegre.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,407
21 Mar 2019 #14
People in the comments under the video say that the villagers drink (alcohol) like dragons and this makes them very Polish, too.

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