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For Poles living and working in one of the countries not covered in the Poland Away section. (page 3)

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Egyptian wanting to visit Poland - help about getting a visa
Protect Andrei Poczobut (a journalist) against prosecution by the Belarusian dictatorship
Why do so many Poles work in Norway?
relocation from India to Poland
Filipino living in China. Poland visa Inquiry.
4 - yes? how are you?...

Poloniamarcsky - 14 Mar 2012 pspgmr6 - 1 Aug 2012
Need help about sending a package from Poland to Portugal
Accomodation in Prague
Polish tourists in The Philippines
Poland to Ukraine-will I need any kind of visa to go there?
Anything in Hamburg which connects to Polish culture or history?
Polish people in Kuwait
5 - I know some Polish people, but unfortunately they are in Qatar and U.A.E......

PoloniaHiltiboy - 2 Nov 2010 Annika - 25 May 2012
Accommodations in Kiev, finding a suitable place to stay
7 - Hostels in Kiev and Donetsk w w w alexgroup com ua...

PoloniaBLS - 5 Sep 2010 tatyana ukr - 27 Mar 2012
Poles and Austrians, do they get along? Vienna districts?
When is the Russian Orthodox Boże Narodzenie?
5 - April 15 by the nowadays', Gregorian calendar, that is....

PoloniaWielkiPolak - 19 Mar 2012 Woon - 22 Mar 2012
i need advice for a korean friend
Polish community in Indonesia?
Poles once again racially abused in the Netherlands
Belarus in comparison to Polska?
Possibility to Work in EU (Italy) with a Polish work permit?
Poles fleeing from Greece
Trip to Sweden - questions  2
How would an American Pole be treated while studying in Germany?
Any advice to apply full time bachelor's degree in Dutch college?
Anyone travelling from Warsaw to New Delhi willing to take some of my belongings (photos)?
Are Polish people required to have tourist visa for Thailand?  2
Poles in Hong Kong??
Relocation to Poland from Romania
Polonia in Siberia!! Any siberians please post. How is live for a pole in Siberia? News?
13 - the weather sounds like where I come from in Canada....

Poloniaszczeciniak - 14 Sep 2009 pip - 5 Jul 2011
Löcknitz: Polish Lifeline for an Ailing German Town
Travelling in the balcans-anyone??
SHIPPING HOUSE CONTENTS: from Poland to Moscow. Suggest a company?
What are social and cultural occupations of Poles in Germany ?
30 - Respect, B.B., any day of the week!! Here, we're on the same homepage....

Poloniainl institute - 4 Jul 2010 Lyzko - 15 Apr 2011
Polish polka dance lessons in Amsterdam
My Polish girlfriend and I want to travel in Turkey
9 - ... - you so sweet ! it realy nice to hear that u guys care of...

Poloniajozek222 - 15 Mar 2011 jozek222 - 20 Mar 2011
Polish-Chechen relations
The Netherlands: run-down districts happy with Polish immigrants  2
Going to Paris for 10 days, any hints?
14 - Just be a flaneur - it's what Paris is for!...

Poloniafrd - 9 Jul 2010 jonni - 26 Nov 2010
What does a citizen of Poland need to do to stay in Italy for for more than 3 months?
Hotel/Apartment accomodation in Dubai......any recommendations?
on touring in Europe
Contemporary German upbringing - Polish view
11 - heh... wanna bash wills?...

PoloniaKsysia - 13 Oct 2010 Ksysia - 15 Oct 2010
Does Poland have an embassy in Bangladesh?
Integration of Poles in the Latvian society?
4 - Try to contact with them....

Poloniabrookee90 - 27 Sep 2010 Malopolanin - 28 Sep 2010
New Polish Portal About Germany
How long to deliver a package from France to Poland?
5 - I got it after 1 month:)...

Poloniaeire39 - 8 Apr 2010 eire39 - 8 Jun 2010

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