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For Poles living and working in one of the countries not covered in the Poland Away section. (page 2)

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Anyone here knows good options to send stuff to India from Poland?
Poland is set to get Vilnius back via its fifth column in the city.
What people in Netherlands think about "polaks"
Polish people in Shanghai ...? :)  2
Where can i buy bigos here in dubai?
Family in Venezuela - how can I find one?
Sending gifts from somewhere in the EU to Poland - options as shipping is expensive!
Any polish man/woman like to visit Bangladesh?
New blog about Turkey and Poland
German police aggresively manhandle Polish citizens?
Is there anyone living in Norway who can help with transporting a TV to Lodz?
6 - Yes i will try But could you tell me how I'm in poland , i think it is not...

PoloniaAymeb - 16 Dec 2013 / Aymeb - 16 Dec 2013
Indian Students in Poland but wanting to Work in Denmark.
29 - Hi raj, can you help me in studying in Poland. Please contact me on my email csaravpreet@yahoo...

Poloniamadhukumar9170 - 7 Feb 2010 / Saravpreet - 6 Nov 2013
Looking for Polish Teacher in Abu Dhabi
I'm going to study in Germany (speaking English / money transfers)
Can I travel to france with a polish visa typeD multi?
7 - I think you should look to the consulate to ask direct...

Poloniavahanin - 17 Aug 2012 / vineoneo - 15 Oct 2013
Poles in Norway? Polish community in Oslo.  2
Polonia in Brazil?
Any Polish parents of pre-schoolers in Johannesburg area?
Any Poles who have lived and worked in Germany recently?
Are you Polish living in Denmark? ...Tell me your story
2 - You should write about what you know and not about what you don't know....

PoloniaKari_L - 17 Jul 2013 / Meathead - 18 Jul 2013
What similarities would you say there are between Poles and Mexicans?  2  3  4
Polish people have no presence in China and most people are confused!
16 - Belarus, Lithuania, Slovakia? Finland?...

PoloniaIamJack - 1 Jan 2011 / Monitor - 13 Jun 2013
Any polish restaurants or stores near Amsterdam??
10 - hi we have polish shop in amsterdam if you want you can text me or call me thanks...

PoloniaBornInTheUSA - 26 Jun 2007 / rozhgar - 8 Jun 2013
Is Holland antipolish?
what did he call him? german slur against poles?
Polish people in Greece
3 - thank you very much!!...

Poloniaelladapolska - 8 May 2013 / elladapolska - 9 May 2013
Aid for Polish Passport holder in Germany who has recently emmigrated from South Africa
Marrying a Polish citizen in India.
Blog about my expat life in South Africa - in Polish
Polish people working in Germany after studying in Poland, what salary do you get?
Differences between working culture in Poland and Germany?
Want to move from Czech Republic to Poland
Few questions regarding finding job, uni and accommodation abroad
What is qualites of Germans?  2
35 - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It was meant to be a kind of joke: one gent a poster up tells...

PoloniaVlad123 - 6 Feb 2013 / Mykhaylo UA - 8 Feb 2013
Moving from Brazil to Poland?
Polish Gazette in Brazil
Egyptian wanting to visit Poland - help about getting a visa
Polonia in Uruguay
Protect Andrei Poczobut (a journalist) against prosecution by the Belarusian dictatorship
Why do so many Poles work in Norway?
relocation from India to Poland
Filipino living in China. Poland visa Inquiry.
4 - yes? how are you?...

Poloniamarcsky - 14 Mar 2012 / pspgmr6 - 1 Aug 2012
Need help about sending a package from Poland to Portugal
Accomodation in Prague
Polish tourists in The Philippines
Poland to Ukraine-will I need any kind of visa to go there?
Anything in Hamburg which connects to Polish culture or history?
Polish people in Kuwait
5 - I know some Polish people, but unfortunately they are in Qatar and U.A.E......

PoloniaHiltiboy - 2 Nov 2010 / Annika - 25 May 2012
Accommodations in Kiev, finding a suitable place to stay
7 - Hostels in Kiev and Donetsk w w w alexgroup com ua...

PoloniaBLS - 5 Sep 2010 / tatyana ukr - 27 Mar 2012
Poles and Austrians, do they get along? Vienna districts?
When is the Russian Orthodox Boże Narodzenie?
5 - April 15 by the nowadays', Gregorian calendar, that is....

PoloniaWielkiPolak - 19 Mar 2012 / Woon - 22 Mar 2012
i need advice for a korean friend
Polish community in Indonesia?
Life in Poland vs Norway - good for children, benefits, etc?  2
Poles once again racially abused in the Netherlands
Belarus in comparison to Polska?

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