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pawian 178 | 15,517
25 Nov 2020 #31
I only wear one when I go to kinky wife swapping clubs.

Does your wife wear it too when she goes???
Crow 148 | 9,284
27 Nov 2020 #32
The morons from so called Corona Crisis Commision reduced working time of public libraries. So mask is least of my problems. I enjoy feeling like ninja.
Joker 2 | 1,807
29 Nov 2020 #33
. I enjoy feeling like ninja.

Heres my mask, its a real crowd pleaser:)

Crow 148 | 9,284
29 Nov 2020 #34
Most crazy thing is when entering a Bank and put my mask before the entrance or even earluer. I only hope Bank guards wont start to shoot. Of course, to relax situation sombody always say simething funny but I see this with masks do make guards nervous.
Novichok 1 | 2,589
29 Nov 2020 #35
Masks should be worn by sneezers, coughers, and spitters. If you (editorial) don't do any of that, they are Petri dishes to make you sick and to show obedience to your owners - the single, most disgusting character trait.
Ironside 50 | 11,122
29 Nov 2020 #36
Mask should be shaped as Darth Vader mask or stormtrooper one.
Novichok 1 | 2,589
30 Nov 2020 #37
The most amazing thing about that virus is how it tends to unemploy only the ordinary people but never government parasites. Everywhere.
Crow 148 | 9,284
30 Nov 2020 #38
Mother of my friend died yesterday. All family got Corona. Mother didn't survive because she already had medical problems and was weak.

I starting believe there is Corona but its not Corona what exactly kill. It take previously already weak people.

Dont be weak
Novichok 1 | 2,589
30 Nov 2020 #39
Words of wisdom, Crow. In the US, the corona victims have two and half underlying conditions and die at the average age equal to the life span. Some "pandemic".

With those "underlying conditions", if you fall in the shower or somebody says boo to you, you can die, too. Then, they stick that long thing into your nose, and, bingo, he died from corona. With corona would be less scary to the fearful mob wearing masks 24/7 - sleeping included.

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