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The truth about the jewish "holy" book - the Talmud!

Vesko Vukovic 1 | 155
4 Dec 2020 #1
What is the Talmud? A lot of people, have no idea about all this. And understandably, not all people are - theologians by vocation. πŸ™‚ that is why WE are here, who know, to inform "our neighbors". The Talmud is a jewish book of rabbinical teachings and "paternal traditions." It is not a book that is directly inspired by God. Nor do the Jews and rabbis themselves consider it as such. But still, they put that book in front of and above the Torah itself (Pentateuch of Moses).

Some people in their ignorance of things - mix the Talmud and the Torah. I want to make that clear. The Torah is the first five books of Scripture. These books are recognized as sacred books by Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants and Jews.

The Talmud is a book of teachings of jewish scholars, and it is recognized only by - Jews!

So: the Talmud is one, inner jewish book. All future rabbis must learn from this book, that is, they learn from it in their schools. It is by definition, as an "aid" in understanding the Torah. However - the fact is - that the Talmud, in importance (paternal lecture - for which Jesus also rebuked them), they rose above the Revelation - the Torah.

The Talmud is not just one book. It is something more than 60 books, scrolls, manuscripts. Lots of text. Only a part of the Talmud has been translated into goy's languages. Most of it - is kept secret by rabbis, inaccessible to the goyim.

Vasa Pelagić, a great Serbian educator and people's teacher in Serbia, was the first to raise his voice against the Talmud, as a book that teaches hatred and evil.

If you are interested, I will write more extensively and expertly about the Talmud and the Torah, the differences and messages of both books. to know how to distinguish a jewish lie from God's truth. And to know how to beat the enemy with HIS weapons.

If the moderator doesn't mind, we'll write. πŸ™‚ I want one topic, which will be a contribution to Polishforums and everyone who reads! We need to educate people, for spiritual warfare, with a cunning enemy - to prepare.
Novichok 2 | 5,382
4 Dec 2020 #2
I will read it. Just make sure that you include what is being taught now. Things change and there is little value in quoting what was dropped or made illegal centuries ago.

I am extremely suspicious of any ethnic group that speaks their language in their ghetto as if to hide things. They can call it a tradition, culture, or whatever, but in my opinion, it's disgusting and offensive to the host country.

Most of it - is kept secret by rabbis, inaccessible to the goyim.

How did they manage that all these years?
OP Vesko Vukovic 1 | 155
4 Dec 2020 #3
The Talmud was also created in difficult - for the Jews - times. This, like some - geological strata - can be read from the texts. The rabbis, in helpless anger blackness hatred, poured ... on paper. In doing so, they violate the commandments and laws - the Pentateuch, to which they refer to as if.

In this regard, we will analyze some quotations from the Talmud. Quotes that are an integral part of the Talmud and that no one disputes are part of the Talmud. (Although, in this last case - conviction to imprisonment - of a man in Germany, shows that Jews want to ban even only quoting the Talmud, because precisely just that is what tears them down in the eyes of the misguided goyim... who are SHOCKED when they read it.)

Most people have no idea what the Talmud actually teaches. When they read only a small part, they can't come to their senses from - shock!

The Talmudic teachings goes all the way back to Babylonian slavery. Jesus rebuked the jewish leaders, precisely for the sake of elevating human tradition (the Talmud) above God's Revelation - the Torah (the Pentateuch of Moses). Unfortunately, there are people today who are trying to accuse Moses, the Torah, and even God himself - for Jewish immoral outbursts. Whoever reads the Torah carefully will see that there are - terrible prophecies and curses promised to Israel, if it leaves God. Those curses came true. Even today, the so-called "jews" (because more than 60% of the genes of today's Jews are not semitic, but - Asian-turkish genes, you can find pages on google about it.) And more will be done.

The Talmud has been edited several times (edited) by some prominent jewish rabbis and scholars. And the purpose of the Talmud is - to prepare jewish theologians and people for the difficult and responsible task - of governing the world - as a "chosen" people - over the goyim!

To be continued... πŸ™‚
johnny reb 31 | 6,383
4 Dec 2020 #4
The Torah is the first five books of Scripture.

These books are recognized as sacred books by Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants and Jews.

Is the New Testament Anti-Jewish then ?
OP Vesko Vukovic 1 | 155
5 Dec 2020 #5
Jesus, by that of what he said and did - was the complete OPPOSITE to all jewry and the jewish spirit. Jesus did not accidentally tell the Jews, ie their leaders, in one great discussion (which St. John recorded in the 8th chapter of the Gospel of John) - "Your father is the Devil, and the delights of your father you wish to fulfill... he is a primordial murderer of people, and there is no truth in him... when a liar speaks, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and the Father of lies."

In the first centuries, christians had no any contact with jews. Namely, it was precisely the Jews who were the happiest and most zealous when - they betrayed, persecuted and killed christians. Some of the church fathers described how precisely the jews were the most zealous in bringing firewood for the bonfires on which would be burned - the christians of the first centuries.

The problem arose only in modern times, when jews infiltrated into the christian church. They become - "priests", even - bishops. And begins the spread of HERESY! Today we have come to the point where we want to throw out quotes from the Bible - quotes that denounce and expose the jews. Because these quotes (the words of Jesus Christ himself and the apostles) are "hate speech" ???? 😎 Can you imagine that audacity? You can, of course, the audacity inherent only in the jewish spirit of materialism and hatred, the spirit of darkness and dishonor. So Jesus "spoke with hatred" and the "holy" jews poured out only "love" itself???

Jesus by everything was - the complete opposite of the rabbis and everything that makes a jew being a jew. that's why they couldn't understand him... the rabbis and the mad people looked at Jesus as an - Alien. He demolished everything that the rabbis built. And he built everything the rabbis called - damned! He said that God loves also - non-jews !? Oh the horror! That's why Jesus had to pay - with his head!

To understand Jesus, you must first understand - the indescribable gloom of rabbinic darkness - the shackles in which the people of that time were held by them. The unimaginable cruelty and hypocrisy of religious - jewish fanaticism - that mocked God. Even today, Jesus is for the average Jew - a miracle, a secret, a horror, some strange fear...
Crnogorac3 2 | 487
6 Dec 2020 #6
Jesus was the greatest opponent of Jews and rabbis - in the history of the world.

These today's so-called "jews" when they want to invoke Jesus, / to deceive the Aryans) - lie, because today's "jews" have nothing to do with those jews.

The white man made the biggest mistake - by allowing jewry to infiltrate into Christianity. And the main role was played by the Vatican, especially in the shameful betrayal at the II. Vatican Council.

Christianity (real, not papal and Roman) and Judaism are two completely different worlds. Different universes!

Precisely original Christianity is - a barrier against the spread of the influence of jewry - as the dark world of international evil.
Crow 152 | 9,787
6 Dec 2020 #7
Jesus was the greatest opponent of Jews and rabbis - in the history of the world.

Jesus was probably a Jew. One Jewish faction against other. Or, if not Jew, then of Sarmatian noble origin or some combined Jewish-Sarmatian offspring.

But, considering majority of Europe was Sarmatian populace, I would dare to speculate that Jesus was a Sarmatian. Then Romans made sure that tragedy of nobleman is well known and used to seduce native European Sarmats to new religious doctrine. They probably were not after creating new religion but it just happened and they profited on it. They rather wanted death of Jesus to be warning.
Crnogorac3 2 | 487
6 Dec 2020 #8
Is the New Testament Anti-Jewish then ?

Who do you suppose that Jesus Christ is referring to in the verse Synagogue of Satan? Who are the ones that usually frequent a synagogue?

Marching to Zion Documentary: Synagogue of Satan

Marching to Zion - Documentary Film (Full)
johnny reb 31 | 6,383
7 Dec 2020 #9
Synagogue of Satan

I searched for this in the Bible and couldn't find it.
The closest that I came was Acts 17:2.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
9 Dec 2020 #10
There are just several thousand Jews among roughly 38 million Poles, less than a promile. I doubt they're all religious or follow the Talmud.
And we're supposed to discuss a Serbian 'teacher's' view on the Talmud as a contribution to the Polish forum? Right.

Edit: just googled him and he died in the 19th century. ..

What's next? Trout served in Chile from a perspective of an 18th century Mongolian doctor?
johnny reb 31 | 6,383
10 Dec 2020 #11
What's next? Trout served in Chile

The jews love fish, especially salmon.
Trout farming in Chile still has room to grow, especially considering that its production efficiency in seawater is below that of other salmon-culturing countries like Norway.

Trout farming can become a key component for improved sustainability of the overall salmonid industry in Chile.
The jews are doing flips over this.

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