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Trump, Kaczyński dwa bratanki (two of a kind)

Tacitus 2 | 1,237
10 Mar 2020 #31
You are aware that Trump is pressuring Serbia to recognize Kosovo, right?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,858
10 Mar 2020 #32
In all fairness, that would be a monumental win for Trump if he could somehow make it happen.
Tacitus 2 | 1,237
10 Mar 2020 #33

Sure, I just find it strange that Crow keeps praising him.
Miloslaw 8 | 3,220
10 Mar 2020 #34
Yeah, that just doesn't make sense,
Crow 146 | 9,129
13 Mar 2020 #35
Your problem people is that you even don`t have idea what happened in former Yugoslavia. I tried to explain but, you are brainwashed and, obviously limited.

So, for the sake of truth, once more >>>

Bloody scenario of dissolution of Yugoslavia was organized by back then Germany and Islamic league (who mobilized their local satellites- pro-German Nazi Croat ustashe, Nazi-Islamic Bosnian Muslims and Muslim mafia Kosovo Albanians), all blessed and supported by Vatican and western Europe, where USA of Bill Clinton entered to preserve NATO unity. Then they all partitioned Serbia.

Naturally, it was abnormal state of things and USA couldn`t be able to follow German and Islamic league`s projects forever, no matter all incentive and no matter involvement of western European magnates on such a magnitude. So comes the Trump. And after all, stance of Vatican changes and comes the Pope Francis and Benedict was removed.

Yeah, that just doesn't make sense,

It have a lot of sense. Trump systematically purge main perpetrators (persons and states) that were involved in scheme of destroying Yugoslavia and partitioning Serbia. Look Trump`s stance on Clinton`s and Obama. Look Trump`s stance on EU, Germany and France. Look how Trump supported Brexit. Look what happened to Iranian Soleimani that personally led mujaheedines in Bosnia and was involved in beheading of Serbs. Logically, by destroying western Europe-Islamic league link and by helping Serbs, Trump helping Europe.

You are aware that Trump is pressuring Serbia to recognize Kosovo, right?

See how you know nothing of politics and bla bla with tongue.

Actually, USA seek way to wash its hands and let Serbians solve problem of extreme Muslim Albanians that turned Kosovo into ISIS outpost in Europe. Trump just seek for excuse to end USA involvement in that madness in which Germany, Islamic league and EU set trap for USA.

Spot this >

Kosovo Fears U.S. May Pull Troops Out Over Serbia Tariff Dispute
By Reuters

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