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Polish supermodel Anja Rubik and her boyfriend Serbian model Sasha Knezevic in Warsaw

southern 75 | 7,096
12 Jan 2012 #61
His eyes were full solely of Carolina ;)

I see he does not even look at camera.Who knows what Carolina offered in exchange for this interview.
Crow do you think this interslavic mix will produce decent warriors apart from breathtaking beauties?
OP Crow 139 | 8,308
5 Sep 2013 #62
Anja Rubik and Sasa Knezevic responded to the call of Novak Djokovic and took part in a great humanitarian auction dedicated to the Serbian children. Thanks Anja!

Djokovic Foundation held its 1st ever fundraising dinner in New York soon after the US Open. Novak Djokovic, honorary chair, and Audemars Piguet Brand Ambassador, hosted the event. It included a live auction and performance by Theophilus London. The foundation was founded in 2007 and helps children from poor or disadvantaged communities to play in safer environments--particularly in areas like his native Serbia. "We're trying to achieve a lot and bring happiness and joy to our kids," Djokovic tells FashionTV.. FashionTV was on hand to see all the VIPs on the red carpet, including top models Karlie Kloss and Anja Rubik, designers Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger, and American Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour. The event raised $1.4 million in total.

Novak Djokovic Foundation Gala ft Karlie Kloss, Anja Rubik, Anna Wintour | NYFW 2012 | FashionTV
mochadot18 15 | 241
5 Sep 2013 #63
Gee, I wish I could move to your neighborhood :)

HAHAHA I know right DAMN lucky duck!!!
OP Crow 139 | 8,308
19 Apr 2014 #64
Jan 30, 2014

Anja Rubik with her Serbian husband Sasha Knezevic, at the Kosciuszko Foundation Ball

Anja i Sasa

Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic for Apart Christmas Campaign 2013, Polish jewelry brand Apart

Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic for Vanity Fair, Spain January 2014

Anja Rubik & Sasha Knezevic Fanpage on facebook

Anja and Sasha; love is nice

Jak wyglądała pierwsza randka i zaręczyny na ulicy?

Pachnące pocałunki w Nowym Jorku

Beautiful Slavic couple: Anja Rubik & Sasha Knezevic

Beautiful song in Polish in the background

Slavia Mati. Sarmatia Besmrtna
f stop 25 | 2,513
25 Jan 2015 #65
she looks like a skeleton
OP Crow 139 | 8,308
5 Mar 2015 #66
This is interesting

Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic

Couple Comparison

she looks like a skeleton

Its not her natural state. Those are professional demands.
MediaWatch 10 | 945
8 Mar 2015 #67
I think Polish Anja Rubik and Serbian Sasha Knezevic make a nice Slavic couple.

When looking at them, you can see they both have good Slavic looks and genes that Slavs are known for.

OP Crow 139 | 8,308
20 Mar 2015 #68
i expect confirmation of Anja`s pregnancy. If its truth i shall rejoice and drink in that name. Let Slavs (ie Sarmats) multiply with bless of the good God.

citizens of the world and still so specific Slavic, natural in their beauty

Anja Rubik i Sasha Knezevic w zmysłowym wideo w kamapnii Massimo Dutti

Apart.TV - Anja Rubik i Sasha Knezevic - backstage święta

Anuncio Spot DKNY fragances Women & Men con Anja Rubik & Sasha Knezevic.

Anja z Sashą i psem na lotnisku!

​​Miedzymorze, land of beauty and of beautiful people, nice, intelligent and deep souls

Apart.TV - Diamant Mon Amo

Ah, i like the style

Anthony Vaccarello Resort 2016 Feat. Anja Rubik

Anja Rubik Ping-Pong 8

Anja Rubik`s husband, Saša Knežević


3 Aug 2016 #69
She might be ugly in my eyes ,but she makes more money than I and the rest of us. The value of being fugly. Georgia May also got a modelling job and she is not pretty.
OP Crow 139 | 8,308
3 Aug 2016 #70
Well, beauty is in the eye of the observer. She is cute to me.

But, i personally look at this thread as a whole. Nice reminder of how Slavs look like in times when some people again (again and again) encourage assimilation of Slavs and transformation of them into something else. Mixing within Slavic world is just quite enough of a mixing. Actually, it giving even better results. Take Mila Jovovich of Serbian father and Ukrainian mother as example, as i already mentioned in this thread.

Mila Jovovich

Slavs (ie Sarmatians), my people. No hate on others, even solidarity with others but, just looking for our own business.

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