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Since (stupid) stereotypes (about other countries) galore...

InPolska 11 | 1,821
25 Feb 2016 #1
Of course, stereotypes or "clichés" are most stupid but unfortunately in PF we have some experts so here some basic clichés about alot of countries (some) French have. I know it is completely stupid but so are all the other clichés you use about other countries you don't personally know. Let's start:

- Poles: alcooholic, bigots, thieves and their women are w...res
- Americans: obese, no culture, shooting around and destroying the world
- Canadians: ok
- Germans: primitive nazis and their women look like truck drivers
- Britons: ugly, bad teeth, white skin impossible to get tanned, homosexuals, lousy climate and lousy cooking
- Irish (although insignifiant): ugly, red hair, freckles, white skin (same as the Britons), living in rainy place and eating potatoes
- Brazilians: transsexuals (;))
- Russians: primitive alcooholics and mafia and their women are
- Ukrainians: same as the Russians but poorer
- Spaniards and Italians: we love them although Italians are seen a bit not too serious and the Spaniards very proud
- Arabs: lazy and dishonest
- Jews: cheap
- Greeks: cheaters, a lot of homosexuals and those who are not gay f...k their goats ;)
- Scandinavians: good standard of living, good societies, but they drink and they are boring
- Austrians: Hitler's country....
- Portugal: cleaning ladies...
- Romanians: thieves
- Bulgarians: wh...s
- Belgians; they eat fries, speak "weird" and are boring and bored...
- Dutch: tolerant but cheap and boring...

etc etc etc ...

I could continue. Of course the above is completely stupid so why do you do the same re other countries?

[Moved from]: Whose country is perfect? ;)

Whose country has never done anything wrong in the past? Whose country is now perfect? Let me know, so I can laugh ;);)
Pol attorney 2 | 106
25 Feb 2016 #2
@in polska: so which nationality are you then if I may ask?:)

btw-- you have left out French people, why is that?:)
Atch 18 | 3,833
25 Feb 2016 #3
She's a hybrid. She's basically a mish mash of French, Spanish, Dutch and some other thing I've forgotten.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,412
25 Feb 2016 #4
a mish mash of French, Spanish, Dutch and some other thing I've forgotten.

... Italian.
Pol attorney 2 | 106
25 Feb 2016 #5
Poland is far from being perfect, but at least they never had or deployed officially any SS Nazi troops during WWII (probably the only country at that time which didn't have SS units).

BUT it must be statted that Poland did have its own fair share of traitors both during and after WWII...(mainly but not only Poles of Jewish origin to be precise)
OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
25 Feb 2016 #6
@PolAttorney: my message was to show rednecks that in my culture too, we have a lot of clichés ;). Of course, all these are stupid but so are all the clichés some of people have about France, Poland and others.

Lack of education and ignorance are very dangerous indeed!
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
25 Feb 2016 #7
What horrible things to say about people. Why on earth would you even be thinking like that , let alone writing it down on a public forum, and at the same time banging on about how wonderful and well travelled and cultured you are! Un-fecking-believable!

I think this thread should be zapped for being so very offensive to so many different people!
Pol attorney 2 | 106
25 Feb 2016 #8
So this is a truly international and European mixture indeed:)) and indeed very Catholic.
OP InPolska 11 | 1,821
25 Feb 2016 #9
@Ziem: and that's why contrary to you, I have been exposed to several cultures and do not rely on clichés. PS: My maiden name is .. Dutch ;) so now, let's bash the Dutch ;)

Sorry, I forgot about Italians, of course, they are in the mafia :)

of course, Pol Attorney, and NO country was, is and ever will be but here some are so convinced ;) that the others are the "evil" and they are "white doves".
TheOther 6 | 3,692
25 Feb 2016 #10
you have left out French people

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys... ;)

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