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Random Chat Poland

Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
26 Nov 2018  #2,161
Heh:) That was actually another early poster on PF, Socrates...he gave me that nick from the start, so I registered at last under that.

Long time gone, but never forgotten!
Lyzko 18 | 5,325    
26 Nov 2018  #2,162
Temper, temper!
Slavictor 9 | 223    
27 Nov 2018  #2,163
Hmmm, I don't know how you got quoted but the link is explanatory of from where Robinson receives his funding and therefore his actions
Ziemowit 12 | 3,109    
27 Nov 2018  #2,164
How do you explain Piast dynasty descendants, ruling Pomorzem, long after Piast ruling come to the end in Poland ?

You are evidently unfamiliar with Poland's history. Please name at lest one descendant of the Piast dynasty ruling over Pomorze (Pommern). The Slavic rulers of Pomorze had always wanted to be independent from Poland. The last sovereign of Poland of the Piast dynasty who ruled over the entire Pomerania (including the now German Vorpommern and the island of Rugen) was Bolesław the Wrymouth who died in 1138 leaving a "territorial" mess behind him since he divided the "Regnum Poloniae" among his sons with Poland remaining fragmented since then until the year 1320.

Unfortunalely though, Poland did not manage to bring together Silesia again (whose numerous duches remained independent and subsequently fell under the Czech control), the Lebus Land (which was sold to Germans by a Silesian duke in 1250), Western Pomerania (Hinterpommern) which remained under the rule of the Slavic House of Griffins until the 15th century or Eastern Pomerania with Gdańsk which was recovered only in 1466.
Atch 16 | 2,647    
27 Nov 2018  #2,165
He's another potential pupil for our 'problem Poster' academy Ziem - I can teach him English grammar, syntax and punctuation, you can cover Polish history and we'll share basic manners between us.
Lyzko 18 | 5,325    
27 Nov 2018  #2,166
You can lead a troll to reason, but you can't make him think:-)
Atch 16 | 2,647    
27 Nov 2018  #2,167
Oh I like that Lyzko, very good :))
Atch 16 | 2,647    
27 Nov 2018  #2,168
why are we all having to fit in with what yous lot wants? :) ;)

If you mean Ireland, well we had to fit in what YOU lot wanted for about 800 years so it's time you got a taste of your own medicine.

'Oireland' Über Alles! ok maybe not Alles but Britannia anyway :))
Lyzko 18 | 5,325    
27 Nov 2018  #2,169
'Cuz it's true, Atch!

When somebody's baiting you, you'll know it quickly enough. If somebody's interested in serious, stimulating debate or discussion, you'll know just as fast:-)
Lyzko 18 | 5,325    
27 Nov 2018  #2,170
Erin go bragh, Atch!
Spike31 1 | 378    
27 Nov 2018  #2,171
This random chat is not random enough so I'll post a picture of a badass hermit crab here

dolnoslask 5 | 2,183    
27 Nov 2018  #2,172
He's another potential pupil for our 'problem Poster' academy Ziem

Wot you going to tell Lyzko the difference between bred and bread :)D: lol

P.S If you are ever down dolnoslask way I need some English lessons, what is a plural for a start.
Atch 16 | 2,647    
28 Nov 2018  #2,173
Go raibh míle maith agat Lyzko, a chara :))

And to please the Mods, I'll add the translation ' a thousand thanks Lyzko , friend'.
Przelotnyptak1 - | 23    
28 Nov 2018  #2,174
I wouldn't say it was much of a secret

When and if you discover the difference between serious and ironic , come back With gigantic brain of yours ,shouldn't not take more than few years. XOXOXO
Lyzko 18 | 5,325    
28 Nov 2018  #2,175
Slante, Atch! And I'm well aware that it means "Cheers!" in the American, not the British meaning of "Thank you!", as on the train from the ticket collector:-)

Atch 16 | 2,647    
28 Nov 2018  #2,176
When and if you discover the difference between serious and ironic

Dear child, I was responding in kind.

shouldn't not take

Now I promised I'd help you with your English, so -

Shouldn't take
Should not take

You can't have 'shouldn't not take'.

Btw what's the problem with using the 'quote' function?? Do you need help with that too? We can add IT skills to the syllabus. I wonder who'd be willing to take you on for that. Maybe Dolno, that's his area I believe.

So we have a nice curriculum on the go now:

English - Ms Atch
Polish history - Mr Ziemowit
Basic manners - Ms Atch and Mr Ziem
Basic computer skills - Mr Dolno

Get yourself a nice little A5 notebook and a well-sharpened pencil and we're away in a hack, to use a lovely piece of Hiberno-English. It's basically the same as the American 'good to go' but so much more descriptive. If you don't know what a hack is, look it up. The greatest gift that I, as a teacher, can give you, my student, is to teach you how to learn.
Przelotnyptak1 - | 23    
28 Nov 2018  #2,177
Pomorze had always wanted to be independent from Poland.

You are correct And I do not question your knowledge of history . Thank you for the lesson

What is problematic , discussing apples and oranges as one. "The Slavic rulers of Pomorze have always be independent from Poland".

Thanks again for proving my point. SLAVIC Pomorze, Therefore Stolen Slavic,( nowhere do I say Polish) land and not to make point of discussion
even more confusing ,let me correct misleading assumption .Just because Pomorze
preferred to be nondependent from Poland ,( no different
for instant than Czechy or Ukraina) does not make Pomorze German and that's the point.
Zrabowane Slowianskie ziemie

Pure Germanska Rugia, That's another interesting subject .Please do enlighten ,Do not forget geological diggings

and ,surprise , surprise in the German heartland Mrowisko figurynek Slowiansiego Swatovida

He's another potential pupil for our 'problem Poster' academy Ziem - I can teach him English grammar, syntax and punctuation

You do not have prove any longer that you are persistent UPIERDLIWIEC The fact is already established

As for syntax and punctuation What the hell are you trying to prove?.
The way I look at it You and your inflated teachers ego Can take a roll of tapestry paper, write your UPIERDLIWE corrections and shove where the sun don't shine,

for all I care

That is all for now. See you in the week AS always XOXOXO
TheOther 5 | 3,589    
28 Nov 2018  #2,178
Therefore Stolen Slavic,( nowhere do I say Polish) land

Did the Neanderthals steal Slavic land as well or was it the other way around? LOL!
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
28 Nov 2018  #2,179
Therefore Stolen Slavic,

Look at the Ptolemy Map from nearly 2000 years back...all that "slavic" land had been Germania back then...we were there first, so there!
Lyzko 18 | 5,325    
28 Nov 2018  #2,180
It's like Israel vs. formerly "Arab" landsLOL

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who actually knows (though many will care) which territories were "originally" Slavic and which Teutonic?
Who were the once feared Livonian Knights anyhow?

Sounds like a lot of propaganda to me:-)
Atch 16 | 2,647    
29 Nov 2018  #2,181
As for syntax and punctuation

You can add grammar to that. Of course I don't expect to have anything more than moderate success with the use of articles. That always seems to be beyond the grasp of Polish speakers. Mind you, Ziemowit is very good in that respect. I think perhaps intensive tutoring from Mr Ziem might be more helpful to you in that case as he sees things from the point of view of the Polish native speaker, so he might be able to offer you some tips and insights - you know, for when you get those moments of panic - "now do I use an article here or not?".The beads of sweat start dripping down your face, your heart is racing, your throat constricted - and then, the conversation has already moved on and it's too late. If only we could do something to help you...............
30 Nov 2018  #2,182
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Netens23 1 | 2    
1 Dec 2018  #2,183
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Jeden Polak    
1 Dec 2018  #2,184
Host of a very old tennis contest,it has red buses,the tube and a London postcode.
If it looks like London,acts like London,smells like London and is in London,it probably is in London.
London has many facets,just because Wimbledon or for that matter other parts of London do not fit your criteria,does not make them not part of London.

Londoners do not see inner London as the true London.
For most,The West End and The City are alien to them and anyway,few normal people live here.
I really do not think that you know modern London very well.

Only an idiot or someone with an agenda would think that Wimbledon was not part of London.
Besides hosting the famous annual tennis tournament,it has red buses,the tube and a London postcode.
If it looks like London,feels like London and smells like London.
It is probably London.
London has many different aspects,just because you don't feel Wimbledon is London,does not mean you are right.
Most Londoners do not regard inner London as true London.
Very few British people live in West End or City.
I would say many areas,even without London postcode are regarded as part of London by most.
I think you know an old London,not the London of now.
Atch 16 | 2,647    
2 Dec 2018  #2,185
Inner London is not the West End and the City. It's 12 boroughs. It's you who doesn't know London well.
Crow 146 | 7,596    
2 Dec 2018  #2,186

"It's too late for France" (but not for Poland)

People, what happening with France? Do they even know what befall them? Few days of radical Islam, few days of social turmoil, few days of political scandals, few days of invasion on few countries, and so on.

jlrainbow - | 1    
3 Dec 2018  #2,187

Politics in Poland Survey

Are you Polish and have an opinion on the political situation in Poland?
Complete this 10 minute survey to have your say and help a university student with his thesis. Also, please share with your friends, family and colleagues!

This study has been approved by the Health, Science, Engineering and Technology ECDA at the University of Hertfordshire, protocol number LMS/UG/UH/03500.pre-published spam
mafketis 16 | 6,322    
3 Dec 2018  #2,188
what happening with France?

I spoke with a French colleague about this, and they launched into a long tirade about how awful Macron is and how much people hate him and why. It's a lot more than one gas tax (though that is outrageous when you know the specifics).

Of course the media is trying to downplay it and emphasize the violence (coming from the police and extremists who attach themselves to the protests) but it looks a lot like a citizen revolt - the last I saw 77% were supporting the yellow vests.
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
3 Dec 2018  #2,189
But what is the alternative to Macron?

What do they want?
mafketis 16 | 6,322    
3 Dec 2018  #2,190
what is the alternative to Macron?

It'll probably be Le Pen.... not that I like her, but voters are getting the idea that electing anyone else will result in just another neoliberal government that treats the citizenry like cows to be milked. The choice is a not very good populist and a much worse one in the future....

The diesel tax is especially hypocritical because European governments spent a lot of time and effort in promoting diesel and now expects the lowly citizens to pay for yet another of their boneheaded mistakes.

And, I'm not the only one who thinks that Macron's EU army is ultimately aimed at unhappy EU citizens.... (when push comes to shove and domestic militaries don't want to fire on citizens...)

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