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Random Chat Poland

rozumiemnic 8 | 3,717    
2 Sep 2018  #121
damn i thought you were about to 'colicky horse' in which case I could have advised..:)
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
2 Sep 2018  #122
The baby just needed some serious snuggling by a human.
I kept her quiet most of the night.
Mom was worn to a frazzle so I stayed up all night with the baby while Mom got 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
What are neighbors for.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,717    
2 Sep 2018  #123
that was good of you Johnny. I am sure the mother needed some sleep.

What are neighbors for.

not sure about mine - mostly banging my gate and shouting 'crazy crazy' when I smoke weed, and fabricating complaints about me for the landlord..mind you they are Bulgarians who work at the meat factory so they are probably a bit depressed or something.
2 Sep 2018  #124
Khoobi dadash che khabar
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
3 Sep 2018  #125
not sure about mine - mostly banging my gate and shouting 'crazy crazy' when I smoke weed, and fabricating complaints...

Those Commie Conservatives are all alike, they work all day to come home to see their neighbor sitting on the front porch smoking weed with a cold 40.

I wouldn't say depressed, probably more of the something.
3 Sep 2018  #126
I am Prasun. My email ID is
I have got an offer letter for my MBA program in University of Economics, Katowice.
Facing problem with visa appointment date. Can someone please help?

Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
3 Sep 2018  #127
Where are the forum liberals? No, I am not baiting. Just miss you, guys. Without you, my forum life makes no sense. Please, don't be cruel, come back and tell me where I and other heartless right-wingers are wrong. I mean on facts, not feelings. The feeling department is all yours and I would never attempt to disturb its happy tranquility.

If I offended anyone in the past by being right I apologize. It's just the way I am.
cms neuf - | 592    
3 Sep 2018  #128
How would you spend a day of perfect autumn sunshine ?

A) Take your kids to school, pick some mushrooms then have a coffee in the rynek gazing at girls and eating szarlotka ?
B) argue with a paid troll about migrants ?

One answer only - no essays
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
3 Sep 2018  #129
You've chased everyone away Rich.
You even have to let a puppy win sometimes when you are playing with it Rich or you will break it's spirit and he won't want to play anymore.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
3 Sep 2018  #130
One answer only - no essays

The problem is that it's a holiday here so the schools are closed. Also, I am too scared to pick one that is poisonous, which would probably please you. Gazing at the girls in "America"? Are you nuts? Half of them are morbidly fat. Do you really hate me that much? Szarlotka sounds great. You gave such a craving I am going to get one right now. Sorry I can't share it with you.

For future use, please, remember that I delivered on your request and then some.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,109    
3 Sep 2018  #131
I know your a nerdy, skinny, ugly guy with no friends and no girlfriend (very, very unlikely to ever get laid).

Ha ha, ha, I had a good laugh with this! But I think I should stop "grilling" you as you've had enough already, my friend. Let me pass you now under the wing of Ironside. Ironside is a good chap and he says he is not a commie.

Would you please take this young gentelman under your wing now, Iron?

Without you, my forum life makes no sense.

Tbh, your life doesn't make sense either with them or without them.
3 Sep 2018  #132
Hi prasun i was facing tge same problem but finally after trying for more then 2 months i got dates on 28th August and my visa appointment is on advice try and if you are luck you will get it because the only way to get it is by sheer luck.
cms neuf - | 592    
3 Sep 2018  #133
Next time you are in Poland Rich I will save you a slice and make sure we choose a cafe with a clean functioning bathroom !
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
3 Sep 2018  #134
With a view of the beautiful Polish girls walking by. I am buying.
cms neuf - | 592    
3 Sep 2018  #135
You been banned Dirk or just on vacation ? Welcome back
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
3 Sep 2018  #136
We should have a thread "Dumb S*** Women Do To Get Hurt".

In my totally brilliant book I wrote: To a female moron, staying connected means more than life itself. If you take her smartphone away from her, she will sell one of her kidneys to replace it. Do it again and she will kill you.

Well, this one killed herself. From Girl, 15, dies after plummeting five floors from fire escape during house party in Manhattan while trying to retrieve her cellphone...

I have yet to see a guy texting while driving. That's how dumb women are. At least this genius didn't take anyone with her.
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
4 Sep 2018  #137
Buy a laptop, a bottle of Pinnacle every day and log onto Polish Forums every night.
That's the way a couple of ex-pats do it living in Poland.
Tacitus 1 | 766    
4 Sep 2018  #138
When I see Merkel refusing to wave a german flag and discarding it like a *** towel

Again with this old story... . Do you really let your opinion be shaped by an out of context video clip?

The transformation of these countries from 10 years ago to today is extreme, and definitely not for the better.

Germany is today a safer place than it was 10 years ago. It is more prosperous, wealthy and more accessable for tourists. You are imagening some sort of transformation that has not happened. You need to be less biased and open-minded or else you will just look at things that confirm your own bias. You always decry Paris as some sort of "cesspool". I have been visiting Paris several times during the last years, and it is a truly beautiful city. Has it poorer areas? Of course, like any other city of that size.

Merkel wouldn't have invited these people in you wouldn't of had those problems.

As pointed out several times, Merkel never issued such an "invitation", nor did her famous press conference in September 2015 have any meaninful impact on the arrival of refugees.

We're not talking about the USA.

Well, you do tend to make those comparisons implicitely or explicitely, and I do have to understand where you are coming from. You are constantly claiming that women are under attack, that Germans are unable to protect them, that they are "cucked" compared American, but how does that add up if American women are in more danger than Germans?

ook in a million third worlders violent crime including rape has increased

Violent crimes have decreased overal. Some groups of refugees are statistically more represented in crimes, but it is overall a small number. And as a recent study pointed out, 11/12 of all reported crimes comitted by migrants are against other migrants, Germans are rarely their victims. Which does make sense, considering that most of them live closely together in refugee shelters.

all these no go zones

1. There are some few places in which the law enforcement has indeed some problems, but they are neither as widespread as you imply nor are they a consequence of the refugee crisis. There were talks of no-go zones before the WC in 2006.

, which is the vast majoroty of new comers

It is roughly half of the applicants. The really troublesome group of North Africans is a group of a few thousand people in total.

If you don't bring in Muslims you don't have Islamic terror or no gos it's that simple.

Yes, and if we had not granted free movement to Eastern Europe, we also would have had fewer crimes in Germany, but we would also be poorer and had a lack of workers even more severe than it already is. What you bring up are arguments that can be used against any type of migration, because any large group of people will have criminals among them. If you create a hostile atmosphere towards one particular kind of immigrant, it will affect other groups as well.

as in Poland, Hungary, Czechy, Slovakia because the people didn't allow their countries

Those countries are a very good example what happens if you use refugees as some sort of scapegoat, while the real problems the countries face are left unadressed. Especially Hungary is a warning.
TheOther 5 | 3,589    
5 Sep 2018  #139
more than half think this dream is unattainable. The market is ready to tank any day now.

THAT coming from you?
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
5 Sep 2018  #140
Are you trying to pick a fight with me or just BAITING ?
MoOli 8 | 464    
5 Sep 2018  #141
I would say BAITING.lately nice fishing in ocean county NJ
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
5 Sep 2018  #142
I would say BAITING

I would too and most likely have been given a warning for it like I was last week.
Guess it just depends which Mod is working.
Tacitus 1 | 766    
5 Sep 2018  #143
Luckily you didnt experience any terror attacks or mass

Do you realize how silly this argument is? You might as well say to anyone who visits e.g. Las Vegas "you were lucky that you were not involved in a mass shooting incident" or "you were lucky that you were not in a plane that got abducted. None of the things you listed here are common occurences in France.

You simply have a picture of Paris that had little to do with the average life of the Parisians. If youbwant to see it, you'll see poverty in any city, be it Paris, New York or Amsterdam. France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, that would hardly be the case if things were only a fraction as bad as you seem to believe. As for the Police, the only time I was ever in discomfort during a police control near Washingtom. It was just so strange that all officers had their hands on their weapons, despite the fact that they were merely controlling a group of college students.

While overall crime has gone down, violent crime has certainly increased and that's a fact.

No it has not. Violent crime has decreased according to this articke.

All imaginery....

None of the things you cited here are particulary new. We had terrorism from time to time, there were some very unpleasant mass incidents regarding women during the Oktoberfest, and so on. Neither is murder comitted by foreigners, simply the type changed. 10 years ago you read a lot about Eastern European criminals, now you read about people from the Arab world. Why is this even accepted as an argument? Are we going to judge a group of thousands by the actions of a few? What kind of standard would we apply for themselves. The AfD now remembers the "victims" of the refugees, but only if it is convenient. What about the two young Arab boys who were abducted by a German from a refugee shelter, and who were raped and murdered by this man? Hardly anyone cared.

Or about the woman in Freiburg, who was murdered around the same time in Freiburg as the other student. Her murderer is from Eastern Europe, and is suspected to be a serial killer. Or the gay singer in Berlin, who was tortured to death by two homophobic poles? Or the old lady in Hamburg, who was tortured and killed by a Polish family? All of them would be alive if not for those damn foreigners. I mean is this really how you think? Banning immigration on principle because it means that there are criminals among them? What kind of danger assessment do you practice in your daily life.

times more migrants than 2008

I am fairly confident that the majority of the new arrivals since 2008 are not from the Third World. EU migration has been crazy since then.

If they were such an asset and enriched the society then the EU and Merkel w

Merkel never claimed that refugees were a short term gain. They are of course more expensive in the short run, and every country can only accomodate so many people at once. They do however have a lot to offer their host countries in the long, if they are properly integrated.

Atleast women can carry a gun

Women don't need a gun in Germany because they are safe here. Honestly, don't you realize how simplistic your arguments are? You constantly rant about Cologne, as if this was a common occurence. It was one incident, which is all you have. Again, this is like saying that becoming a victim of mass shootings in the USA is a realistic possibility.

could have all been prevented if Merkel didn't invite a million third worlders into germany.

Instead we might have seen a war in the Balkans, breakup of the EU and so on.

This is a white genocide, or at least the replacement

Do you actually believe this garbage? Or are you just exaggerating here.
Tacitus 1 | 766    
5 Sep 2018  #144
Here's the thing, there is murderous scum in Europe already.

You could also argue that there are enough murderers already in Germany, we do not need any additional criminals from Eastern Europe. It is a fact that the enlargement of the EU by Eastern Europe, and then free movement for Eastern Europe lead to a heavy increase in crimes. Eastern European gangs are responsible for thousands of attempted and succesful burglarys, and there have been articles about how Germans near the German-Polish border have fortified their houses because of the danger.


Also Muslims have far far higher birth rates than civilized Europeans

At least for Germany, this is not true. Those who grow up in Germany usually end up with as many (or fewer) children as the native Germans.

I don't know what Breitbart has been telling you, but to quote the minister directly: "Compared to last year, Heavy crime has decreased slightly by 2,4%."

Im Vergleich zum Vorjahr ist die "Gewaltkriminalit├Ąt" geringf├╝gig um 2,4 Prozent gesunken

is even their own countries oftentimes don't want them back

This is no surprise. Those countries suffer already from very high youth employment, so they are naturally not keen on taking them back. Many people in those countries also believe that since those young people end up radicalized in Europe, that Europe also is responsible for them. Not a voew I subscribe to, bit understandable.


not refugee, as a refugee is a person whose priority is to reach safety in the first neighboring country

This is a view only people in prosperous peaceful countries can hold. Many refugees e.g. from Syria have spend years in abject poverty in e.g. Libanon or Turkey, before they left for Europe. We are talking about a civil war that had been in a stalemate for years in 2015, before the Russiands intervened and which seemed to last seemingly forever. Those are no places you want your children to grow up. And the countries they entered first on the Balkan route made it very clear that they had no interest in taking them in. Before you revel in your outrage, be a bit more realistic in your assumptions.


But there is sure as hell a lot of bad ones amongst them

Yes, but they are only responsible for a very small percentage of all rapes. Less than 10% of all rapes if I remember correctly. This is what we are really talking about. A few percent of all rapes. Which is still bad enough, but hardly justifies your apocalyptic descriptions. Women are today less likely to become victims of sexual crimes than 20 years ago, despite the fact that the law has been refined to classify more things as rape. Many of the crimes commited in Cologne would for example not have been classified as sexual abuse 20 years ago. Despite this we have seen a decrease of those crimes over time.

I think your problem is Dirk, that you are exclusively relying on information sources that cater to your biases and that you have very limited if any exposure to the reality of the situation. I have done voluntary work in a refugee shelter and thus seen it all. Economic migrants, adults who claimed to be children, but also many families with grateful children. I met one guy from Syria (who still had his passport) who had shrapnel in hid body from when the government bombarded his town, which had been causing him constant pain. Once a child asked the translator where the shelters were in case the bombs dropped again.

It is all too easy to dehumanize people and call them "burdens", "parasites" and so on but they are people still.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
5 Sep 2018  #145
And so was Wehrmacht in Poland. Uninvited. Parasites. People. And wouldn't leave when politely asked. So we killed them.
You can try the same technique. It works.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
5 Sep 2018  #146
Continuing "Dumb S*** Women Do To Get Hurt"...

From Abigail Hernandez, now 19, was abducted by Nathaniel Kibby, 39, as she walked home from school ...He had offered her a ride home and she accepted because her feet were blistered... For nine months, he held her captive ...and raped her repeatedly.

That is how stupid women are. Trusting and always assuming that everybody is oh so nice, just looking around how to help.
Stupidity causes crime and it should be a felony.
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
5 Sep 2018  #147
From He had offered her a ride home and she accepted because her feet were blistered...

Much different then what Abigail said publically.
Nearly five years after being kidnapped at gunpoint while walking home from high school, Abigail Hernandez is speaking publicly.
TheOther 5 | 3,589    
5 Sep 2018  #148
Are you trying to pick a fight with me or just BAITING ?

Neither. I was actually surprised to see you taking that position. Usually you defend Trump and his policies tooth and nail. Now you say that the economy will tank? How come?
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
6 Sep 2018  #149
I still do, it is YOU who is blaming Trump for the economy tanking, not I.
Trump has NOTHING to do with it as this world problem has been simmering for the last fifteen years or more.
Major currencies all over the world are in a complete meltdown as the $63 trillion EM debt bubble implodes.
Hopefully you are not trying to blame that on Trump too.

Now you say that the economy will tank? How come?

During the boom years, trillions of dollars were borrowed by emerging market (EM) economies, and a high percentage of those loans were in U.S. dollars.

Now that their currencies are crashing, it is going to take much more local currency to payback those U.S. debts, and a whole lot of them are going to start going bad.

That means that many financial institutions in the United States and Europe are going to end up holding enormous piles of bad debt, and the losses could be astronomical.

The dominoes are starting to fall Buddy making what we are facing really bad.
See how you trying to insinuate it was Trump's policies that were responsible for the world economy tanking made me laugh at your ingrained "I Hate Trump No Matter What" derangement mentality just to start an argument and pick a fight by Baiting.

This is why I avoid debating Progressives.
cms neuf - | 592    
6 Sep 2018  #150
Johnny it will be up to you and the rest of the US voters to decide - but one persistent theme of trumps since he has taken office is that people should forget all the political chaos and focus on the fact that the economy is going well, that unemployment is down, that GDP is up, and the stock market it up.

That's a political gamble so we can't have any complaints if it goes wrong for him.

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