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16 Aug 2018  #61
I have an offer of admission from Polish University but not getting appointment at Mumbai Consulate.

Please help. My University is going to opening in 3rd week of September

my number is 8866386743 and email id is
sarab grewal    
18 Aug 2018  #62
i am booking poland visa slots, 10-20 slots every week , you can email me

@ HuyenNguyen
how r u ,hope i can help you email me grewal1z@gmail
23 Aug 2018  #63
looking for student visa appointment
Adidasboy 1 | 35    
26 Aug 2018  #64
To all the people supporting , I would really like to thank all of you. I hope I'll have a peaceful stay in Gdansk for two years.

@rich mazur, "hey old man, live in your bubble and don't come out of it, you might burst out"
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
26 Aug 2018  #65
Don't worry about Rich just take care of yourself.
Rich is a narcissist and one of the leading traits of a narcissist is lack of empathy and is unwilling/unable to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others.

Remember one thing and you will be just fine.
Attitude is everything which is your call and nobody else's.
The only thing to fear is fear itself.
My prayer follows you Adidasboy. ;-)
Adidasboy 1 | 35    
26 Aug 2018  #66
Thank you for the kind words :)
jon357 65 | 13,654    
26 Aug 2018  #67
I'm a gay guy soon shifting to Poland for my education and would like to know what is the scene of LGBT community in Poland.

In the big cities, especially Warsaw and Krakow, it's just like any comparable European city.In fact in Warsaw, the environment is better than many places. In small towns, it's just like any small town in Europe. You will be fine. There's something for everyone, especially in Warsaw.

To answer your second question, I'd say Warsaw is closer to Spain or Germany than Russia in that respect.
Crnogorac3 1 | 330    
28 Aug 2018  #68

My advice for you is to reconsider moving to Poland and go to Ireland instead. There you will not need to worry about your education level, job qualifications or your sexual orientation.

Being an Indian and a queer might even be enough for you to become the next Prime Minister of Ireland.

Heck, it's not like it would be something new or controversial that already hasn't happened before. ;)
Atch 16 | 2,647    
28 Aug 2018  #69
More trolling. Yawn...........

You need an education and qualifications in Ireland just as much as anywhere in the world.

Anyway Varadkar was born in Ireland and his mother is Irish but so what? The important thing is not his nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation but whether he's any use at the job.
Adidasboy 1 | 35    
28 Aug 2018  #70

It's not that easy for me to change my plans like that, Coz I have Poland Visa and admission In a good college right now ! Also, I heard Irish Visa is heard to get... I might consider moving to Ireland once I'm done with my masters here.

Thank you for your suggestion anyways !
TheWizard - | 322    
29 Aug 2018  #71
I can't stop laughing, fail troll.
Lyzko 18 | 5,325    
29 Aug 2018  #72
If no can speek gud inglish, steyink hom!
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
31 Aug 2018  #73
I consider the Americans to be the biggest pussies of all. Nuking two defenseless cities full of civilians is not what I would call 'brave'...

Are you aware that Japan was only about two months behind America in building their own nukes ?
Better them then us.
You should have never immigrated to the U.S.A. if you really feel that way.
Crow 146 | 7,596    
1 Sep 2018  #74
As we Serbs say: ,,Pička je čudo.`` (Eng. `Vagina is wonder.`)
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
1 Sep 2018  #75
@ Mod Arts: It's easier to bury uncomfortable facts than to confront them. Yes
delphiandomine 87 | 16,888    
1 Sep 2018  #76
Uncomfortable facts, such as the fact that the Americans are such pussies that they bombed two cities full of citizens indiscriminately?

Pathetic cowards. If they had any spine, they would have fought like men, not cowards from the sky. Instead, they committed a huge war crime just to satisfy the bloodlust of the American public.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,717    
1 Sep 2018  #77
the Americans are such idiots that they import a load of people of a different colour, enslave and abuse them and then act surprised and shocked at the Nation of Islam..:):)
Ironside 47 | 9,261    
1 Sep 2018  #78
what about DNA sample.
1 Sep 2018  #79
@Ironside, I did not get you.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
1 Sep 2018  #80
Pathetic cowards. If they had any spine, they would have fought like men, not cowards from the sky.

Japs were pathetic morons to expose their civilians to the risks of war which they knew they were going to lose. But, to those morons dying for their country was, just like the modern-day morons, Muslims, their highest duty for the reward 72 Japanese virgins. Or was the reward kissing their chief idiot's ass? Their women were no different except for the balls. And the kids were nothing else but the future warrior morons. When we eradicate rats, do we make a distinction between male rats, female rats, and baby rats?

The fastest way to win a war is by attacking the softest target - the civilians. A demoralized civilian population means a very demoralized soldiers. Japs were different and the only way to drive this point home was by dropping a couple of nukes. Retroactively, my big disappointment was that the US had only two. For what these bastards did to the US POW's, another dozen nukes would be just fine. Great job, USA.
Dougpol1 26 | 2,160    
1 Sep 2018  #81
they would have fought like men

That didn't work out too well in Vietnam did it? 50,000 Americans dead, a couple of million Vietnamese, and all for nothing. Do we hear of the Vietnamese civilians in a post war communist country being tortured or subjugated? On the contrary, Poles flock to Vietnam for their hols. Not meaning to defend the Americans, but a blockade of Japan would have led to millions dying of starvation. Difficult to know what the Americans could have done to end the war.
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
1 Sep 2018  #82
didn't work out too well in Vietnam did it? 50,000 Americans dead,

America had to go in and clean up the mess the British started in Vietnam back in the1945 war with Vietnam.
The Vietnamese kick the British asses out of their country.
Now things smoldered until the late 50's early 60's with even France sticking their nose in.
Britain being an allie to the U.S. in the Vietnam war lost how many Doug ?

Difficult to know what the Americans could have done to end the war.

May I finish that sentence for you.........
Difficult to know what the Americans could have done to end the war before Japan developed the nuke (two months behind the U.S. in development) and killed millions of American civilians and soldiers.

Japan damn near won that war after sucker punching the U.S. at Pearl Harbor to start the war in the first place killing thousands of U.S. military in an unprovoked attack.

Dropping those two nukes ended the war which was the goal.
Did I mention that there is no Political Correctness in a World War.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
1 Sep 2018  #83
That didn't work out too well in Vietnam did it? 50,000 Americans dead, a couple of million Vietnamese, and all for nothing.

I could't agree with you more. BTW, it was 58,000.

That 'war' was not a war. Somewhere between 1945 and that "police action", Americans turned into pussies or idiots. If you want to have a war, have a war. Define the objectives, send an ultimatum to the enemy, explain what will happen if they ignore it, and, if they do, go for it with nothing off the table. Instead, the morons at DoD played that escalation game. Which, de facto, put the enemy in control.

And, as if that stupidity was not enough, the US pilots had a list of 'prohibited targets', like the NV dikes because that might cause floods and disrupt their happy and peaceful life. Or a baby might drown. How pussyfied the US had became is best seen how they turned against it after the picture of a naked girl running down the street was published.

Bring body bags daily was tolerable, but that was too much for the people who just won WW2 by nuking Japs and fire bombing Dresden.
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
1 Sep 2018  #84
the US pilots had a list of 'prohibited targets'

Wasn't just the pilots Rich, take the rubber fields that supplied rubber to the Michelin Tire Company.
Those fields were "Off Limits" on search and destroy missions because the politicians were paid off by Michelin tire Company.
All the rest of the rubber fields were destroyed.
The cong were visible across a river but the Americans were not allowed to shoot across that river because it was out of bounds.
Vietnam was not a war because it had rules of engagement which is different then a World War where there are no rules.
There will be no Political Correctness in the next war.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
1 Sep 2018  #85
Political correctness is deadly when applied to wars. There should be a Nuremberg-type trial of the US military and the presidents who would put our men at risk with their hands tied behind so that the war would look acceptable to the UN and all the s***holes in it. I would gladly carry out the executions.

Back to Japan. The question the 'oh, how awful' fakes never answer is this: On August 1, 1945, there were two choices: (1) conventional attack, or (2) nukes. How many dead Americans would be tolerable to you if Truman picked (1)?

That question calls for a number, not a history lesson or a sob story about Jap babies, women, and the old guys.

So, how many dead US men would be OK for any of you, the US-hating, high moral grand occupiers? My question is not taunting. It's legit in the discussion that was started by the moral police here.
jon357 65 | 13,654    
1 Sep 2018  #86
I guess that the OP is trolling

Or really that clueless.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
1 Sep 2018  #87
Pathetic cowards. If they had any spine, they would have fought like men, not cowards from the sky.

...but from a distance with a rifle is OK?

If I follow your logic to the imbecilic extreme end, war planes should be illegal or at least the bombs that cannot detect gender and age. Is killing just one baby from a plane a war crime? If not, how many babies is OK to kill from the planes?

I am assuming that you are for the abortion rights. Am I correct?
Dougpol1 26 | 2,160    
1 Sep 2018  #88
abortion rights.

Yawn. Comparing a foetus with a child who has a memory and senses is just lame. What Delph is saying is that bombing never sorted anything.

Unless it's murderous Serb nationalists, that is :)
Miloslaw 8 | 874    
1 Sep 2018  #89
@Johnny Reb
"America had to go in and clean up the mess the British started in Vietnam back in the1945 war with Vietnam".

Vietnam had been a French colony for nearly 100 years.....don't blame The Brits.....
Miloslaw 8 | 874    
1 Sep 2018  #90
You need to stop responding to my posts do quickly as some people are starting to think I am you......

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